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"Multiple sources" at San Francisco-based developer P2 Entertainment - formerly Perpetual Entertainment - reportedly claim that development

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

January 15, 2008

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According to a report by WarCry Network, "multiple sources" at San Francisco-based developer P2 Entertainment - formerly Perpetual Entertainment - claim that development has ceased on the upcoming Star Trek Online MMO. The license and content -- excluding the game's code -- will reportedly be transferred to another Bay Area development studio, where work on the game will continue. As for P2, they maintain a business focus on their Perpetual Platform, and will additionally focus on the casual games market. An SEC filing recently revealed that Perpetual LLC "shall liquidate the Assets, wind down Perpetual, and distribute the net liquidation proceeds to creditors of Perpetual," following the company's announcement that its PC MMORPG Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising would be put on hold indefinitely. Just prior to that announcement, the company announced it would lay off between 30 and 40 employees, as it did the first time that Gods and Heroes was delayed, reportedly due to the need for further beta testing. Most recently, industry public relations firm Kohnke Communications filed a lawsuit against Perpetual Entertainment, alleging that Perpetual sold the Star Trek Online license to a separate corporate entity, P2 Entertainment, before liquidating its assets, without disclosing details of the transaction to the PR firm. Kohnke is claiming damages totaling between $80,000 and $280,000. Perpetual executives have not been contactable regarding either the allegations or the fate of Star Trek Online.

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