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Report: Harrison, Kaplan, And Llewelyn To Depart Nintendo

Following an <a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=13874">earlier report</a> on Nintendo of America's plans to relocate sales and marketing staff from its Redmond HQ, a new Game Informer report claims that around 90 percent of tho

Jason Dobson, Blogger

June 6, 2007

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Following an earlier report indicating Nintendo of America's plans to relocate its sales and marketing staff to New York City or San Francisco from the company’s Redmond offices, a new report suggests around 90 percent of those affected have elected not to make the move. According to a newly posted online report by Game Informer, among those not making the transition are three of the company's top executives, including director of public relations, Beth Llewelyn, vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, and senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications, George Harrison. The original report, implicitly confirmed by Nintendo executives at the recent Nintendo Gamers Day, indicated that the company intended to relocate around eighty staff from its sales, marketing and advertising teams to New York City or San Francisco. It remains unknown when exactly the three individuals will leave the company, or indeed if they will do so during the same window of time. In the aftermath of the exodus, Game Informer points out, the company will be left with just a pair of high-profile executives remaining at Nintendo of Americe - chairman and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima and president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime, changing the public face of the company in a major fashion. Gamasutra has contacted Nintendo for official confirmation, and will update this story with any further information as it becomes available.

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