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Real Time Strategy Multiplayer games

Today we will analyze one of the most well-known browser game genre - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer games!

Mateo Livaja, Blogger

March 23, 2020

5 Min Read

Most people are looking for a browser game that they will be able to play at any moment of the game and has some competition. While you are working open new tab and play simple game without any demands of PC configuration, or open your mobile phone and be able to play just in a few minutes. Today we will analyze one of the most well-known browser game genre - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer games! 

eDominations is a fine example in that category as it fulfills all the requirements a player might be looking for. A multiplayer browser game with players from all over the world, as the game is country based and every citizen of that eWorld is member of a country. This Geopolitical game have many ways of playing and a lot time to spent in it but, there are 3 main modules for the citizens to enjoy, along with rest of activities. If we would have to categorize them we would say Military, Economy and Political modules prevail in the huge variety of content. 

Military module has a very strong competition in the game and it's the most dynamic one. You can build up your own Military Unit and seek for soldiers to follow you, or you simple join in some Military unit. Some players choose to become Patriots and defend their Real Life country, while others choose to take part in international community projects and even be enemies with Real Life country. Everyday at least 20 battles with 24 hours duration are running and they are divided into 3 stages where can every soldier do his participance. Also duration of battle allows you to compete in your office lunch breaks or the sleepless nights.

Politics take place in every active community and it's like in real life most stressful module, as elections for Country President, Congress, Party Presidents and Judge occur every month. All these functions together are creating major political forces in Country which can lead it to glory or disaster. No man is irreplaceable, this eWorld is constantly developing and you must stay active to lead your community. Each part is very busy and take responsibly or you can be replaced. Be responsible for the Laws you propose as Congress member and choose if it is for the best to follow the guidelines of Government or refuse to accept their policies to craft a new future for your Country! 

Economy is most interesting module in game which is connected with your Country and their power. There are 3 main products in game, Food, Weapon, House and 2 additional which are used for helping country, Hospital and Defense System. Your build your empire and become businessman which is selling their product on local and foreign market. Your country can have bonuses on products and it will be easier for you, but if they don't there is no reason to despair because you can travel to other countries and pay their taxes to make your products. 

Journalism is a very creative way to earn extra income in eDominations. You can start your own newspaper and publish articles for the rest of community to enjoy. Other citizens are able to subscribe to your paper and get alerted each time you publish a new article. Also your subscribers and other readers can endorse articles so you can earn with them. This part is for creative ones, so they can be Creative with original content, while thousands of players can become your next subscribers and help you survive in the game easier with their endorses.

Upon a register there are 78 countries available to choose upon register where you can settle, surly it's hard to make a decision. Beside your profile picture you can write something about yourself in description under which you can see all your progress in game. With every move you do in game in every aspect you can earn up to 12 achievements on your profile daily or monthly depending which type of strategy are you going to choose. Military Module will bring you biggest number of achievements on your profile, while you fight for your Allies, Country or helping liberate conquered countries. Also you can earn Military Achievements if you make significant damage on battle ground. But player respect mostly those which are hard to earn like President medal. 

Administration thought about new players also, they can do everything as old players. Upon register they earn free stuff which make their progress easier and faster. There are click tutorials which describe you shortly all moves you can do in game. There is in game Wikipedia in which you can find everything about game and how does it work. Also game is translated on 33 languages so we believe there is something for everyone. Recently they have announced android app which is very fluid and you can play it on every android mobile phone.

In conclusion eDominations is a game who definitely includes every aspect of Real Life! We are amazed that FREE to PLAY is a term respected in that game and Real Life simulation are pretty much convenient and keeps you interested and entertained. If you didn’t played this type of game before, now is right time to start and try playing one. Game is surprisingly interesting and makes you join several times a day to stay connected with events in it. A lot of activities including both short and long term goals in the game combined with enhanced role-play opportunities make eDominations a browser game worth to play!


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