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According to a report Jon Peddie Research just released, the PC graphics hardware market increased by 13 percent from Q3 to Q4.

Game Developer, Staff

January 31, 2003

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JPR estimates that 53 million PC graphics devices shipped in the quarter from nine different suppliers, and says that the largest supplier during the quarter was Nvidia, which accounted for 32 percent of the unit shipments. In second place was Intel (with a 28 percent marketshare), and ATI took the third spot (with 19 percent). ATI grabbed some marketshare away from Nvidia during the quarter, however. Lisa Epstein, a senior analyst at Jon Peddie Research, said the growth was evenly spread between mobile and desktop graphics chips and between graphics chips integrated with the motherboard and discrete add-in graphics systems. The firm said shipments of graphics for mobile devices rose 25 percent from the third quarter, while desktop shipments grew 11 percent. Integrated graphics solutions, like those from Intel, rose by 17 percent, while discrete products like Nvidia's add-in products were up 9 percent in the quarter. "Small players were increasingly marginalized with flat or reduced shipments," Epstein said, citing Matrox, Trident, Silicon Motion and 3Dlabs as underperformers.

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