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Midway Porting Classic Games To Sprint's 3G Phones

Midway Games announced that it will port some of its most popular games to Sprint's third generation (3G) PCS Phones, in time for the rollout of Sprint's 3G network this summer.

Game Developer, Staff

May 21, 2002

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The games will include mobile versions of Defender, Kick Champion and Mahki that will be developed using the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME). Sprint currently offers more than 60 games on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web. With the launch of Sprint's 3G wireless network, the company says it will be able to deliver more graphically advanced games to the color screens that the 3G phones use. DataMonitor says that one in six U.S. cell phone subscribers (21.6 million people) played games on mobile phones in 2001, and it forecasts that 93 million people will be playing wireless games in 2006.

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