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Intern's Log: Week 8.2

Discussing how Star Wars Galaxies will come to an end.

Zachary McCann, Blogger

August 26, 2011

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With the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic looming over the MMO market, it's predecessor in the market is about to leave the building.  However, it will not go silently into the night given the past and present playerbase that it has.  With The Old Republic releasing news, players have taken to joining or rejoining Galaxies.


Because of that, SOE has announced what essentially amounts to a fantastical going away party for active subscribers.  From what's known is that it will at least have a wide PvP event that decides who controls Galaxies on a faction basis.  With any luck there will be some grandiose event to close out the servers for good.  Another game that executed a closing event on this scale was The Matrix Online, which the people that were a part of it fondly recall the event.  If the closing event hits the same scale, it will succeed in not being forgotten for a good long time.



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