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New show about making games as an Indie. Code, animation, art, beer, sweat and blood.

Simon Lachance, Blogger

November 25, 2013

2 Min Read

Hey ! 

I recently started a new show on YouTube about Indie Game Development. I talk about the life of an Indie and give tips and advice for new indie developers. 

I've been an indie for the past five year, co-founded Berzerk Studio, worked on 20+ indie games.  It's my day job, and I proudly manage to feed my 3 kids and wife with it.   

Check it out ! It's short, it's sweet, and it's good fun ! 

Episode 1 : http://youtu.be/Ehw9F7juZ94
Episode 2 : http://youtu.be/TPIaT1BR4hg
Episode 3 : http://youtu.be/xY4OOzGHVn0



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