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How to break into the gaming industry

Gaming is becoming a popular industry to work in: worth more than Hollywood, and bringing in approximately $60bn a year, it’s a lucrative marketplace.

Lottie Wilson, Blogger

September 28, 2017

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Gaming is becoming a popular industry to work in: worth more than Hollywood, and bringing in approximately $60bn a year, it’s a lucrative marketplace that gives people the chance to experiment, creative and eventually develop what could be a summer blockbuster.

People are waking up to the potential that gaming has as a career: with universities offering courses in coding, and computer games programming, a new generation of tech-savvy developers are taking to the small screen.

Despite the slowly-growing enthusiasm for gaming, however, it’s not an easy industry to get a job in; even if you sign up to a developer recruitment agency, or if you have your sights set on large studios. For those dreaming of making it big and turning their hobby into their job, here are some tips for making it big in gaming.

Get to grips with the software

This may be obvious, but the best way to find employment is to ensure that you know your way around a keyboard. If you want to become a developer, then you can’t go wrong by learning C++ and C#: once you start learning how to program you can familiarise yourself with the common principles, logic and techniques of how the gaming industry works. It’s not hard, and you can apply it to countless industries.

C++ isn’t the only thing, though: if you’re feeling enthusiastic, it’s worth looking at tools like RPG Maker, which allows you to unleash your creativity, Game Maker, which lets budding coders learn how to build game logic. The best thing you can do is start practicing, and start making games; that way, you can quickly get better.

Start a gaming blog

You may be sitting in your room learning how to code, but a good way to get yourself out there and connect with like-minded people is to start a gaming blog. Discuss whatever you want: your growing experience in gaming; reviews and critiques of games that have come out; even games that you’re making. Chances are, it’ll get you noticed and you can prove in interviews that you know what you’re talking about.

Start as a Game Tester

Even if you don’t quite make it to the big time, starting your career as a Game Tester has several benefits to it: anybody can apply, as most testing jobs don’t actually require training to do. Once you’ve got the job, stick with it; game testers often move onto other jobs in the games team, once they’ve been trained up. Let your team know that you’re interested in learning more, and that you want to take on more responsibility; they may well take you up on it.

Go where it’s happening

Certain areas of the UK are a hotspot for gaming, so you should go where it’s happening. One of the best things you can do if you want to get stuck in- especially if you want to get work, work experience, or attend any gaming events, like the Tentacle Collective next week. A good idea is also to sign up to a developer recruitment agency to get more news and job offers. 

Gaming is an exciting and versatile industry, and one that’s attracting more and more developers and coders to its ranks.

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