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How Rackword Redefined Word Games

We have all played a word game before. Whether it is Scrabble or Boggle, they are all great puzzle games. Yet, there is one thing that these games lack, that would be the real-time and social aspect. This is where Rackword excels.

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April 7, 2021

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How Rackword Redefined Word Games

We’ve all played a word game before. Whether it is Scrabble or Boggle, they’re all great puzzle games that offer a lot of replay value. They are challenging, and they are very varied and dynamic. Yet, there is one thing that these games lack, that would be the real-time and social aspect.

Whether it’s a video game or a board-based one, having someone sitting next to you makes the experience so much better. You not only get to share your thoughts and strategies but to discuss possible outcomes in real-time. This is where Rackword excels.

What is Rackword?

Rackword is a unique version of Scrabble that incorporates a social element to the core gameplay. Unlike many of its predecessors, you can play the entire thing online with friends or strangers. Typically, most word games are asynchronous and require you to gather plenty of people to make the most of it.

Rackword took this aspect of the game and married it with an online matchmaking system. Users can easily find a match and enjoy a game of words that isn’t bogged down by long wait times. All decisions have a 3-minute time limit, making the game not only more dynamic but quite intense (in a good way). Also, an important part to note is that all matches are done in real time.

The game also has a chat system that players can use to share strategies or post hints. Since this is an online game, the balancing is done through a ranking system that helps separate high profile players from beginners. The game has several game modes that spice things up. The modes include multiplayer up to 4 players, a team-based 2 vs. 2 mode, and even 2 players vs. CPU mode.

Rackword multiplayer and team word game

If you don’t want to grind the score and feel confident enough, the slider in the options menu lets you adjust the matchmaking system. As for the user interface, the game has a wide range of different themes and allows you to select the board size. And if you want to see how you perform on a game-by-game basis, you have the statistics board that keeps track of various metrics.

Finally, if you just want to play the game and not bother with the social element, you can do so with the CPU. The AI is pretty intelligent, and unlike most other games, it doesn’t obliterate you as soon as it gets the chance. In other words, it’s fair and square, something that other games can’t say the same.

Give it a shot

Rackword is a great experience that won’t cost you a penny. Yes, it’s free, the amount of customization options is impressive, and you even get to choose how difficult the game is. There’s no reason not to start the game, especially considering that you don’t even need to register.

Play Rackword online or download the game on your android phone.

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