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GoD Editorial: 'So, You Want to Develop Games for Mobile?'

Don't make games for mobile (yet)? That's the advice presented in the latest Games On Deck editorial by a mysterious, anonymous software tester from an equally anonymous casual games portal, which also <a href="http://www.gamesondeck.com/feature/2132/edit

November 19, 2007

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Author: by Staff

A new Games On Deck editorial notes there are a lot of appealing aspects about the mobile development scene: a burgeoning market, a "relatively non-discriminating" consumer, lighter and easier development cycles, and the appeal of gaining a leadership role in a new arena. Why, then, does a mysterious software tester pseudonymously known as "William Kinnikin," of an equally anonymous casual game portal, advise against making games for mobile, stating, simply, "Don't?" Kinnikin points out the key barrier between developers and success in the mobile space: carriers. After using the marketing and distribution of ringtones as an example, Kinnikin says: "The problem for you arises from the fact that carriers would be perfectly happy to apply these same methods of marketing and distribution to mobile games. The result is a market where games are sold almost entirely on the basis of a familiar name or a presence in a top sellers list of some variable, but invariably too short, length. A game's developer or publisher has no way of educating a consumer as to the nature or content of the game. Trials are not available. Even screen shots are a rarity. This leads to a market where only games with familiar titles or licensed tie-ins have a chance at success. Originality is not only not rewarded, but actively discouraged. The only hope a developer has is to tie a strong, original concept to some kind of outside license." But is all lost on the mobile front? You can now read the full editorial at Games On Deck for the rest of Kinnikin's perspective and advice on the rapidly-growing mobile space (no reg. required, please feel free to link to this feature from other websites).

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