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GameSpy Arcade Hit By Virus, Infects Downloads

GameSpy Arcade was hit by the Nimda computer virus last week, which infiltrated the game download service and affected approximately 3,100 downloaded files.

Game Developer, Staff

July 1, 2002

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GameSpy CEO Mark Surfas told Reuters in an interview that the GameSpy servers were infected twice, on Tuesday and Wednesday, while they were undergoing maintenance. Surfas said that GameSpy was notifying everyone who got an infected file to warn them about it and help them find resources to uninfect their system. The Nimda virus is a worm which first struck in September of last year. According to the antivirus firm McAfee, the main goal of Nimda is to spread itself around the Internet, infecting as many users as possible and creating so much traffic via port scanning that networks are virtually unusable.

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