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Gamers want to live in the future and not the Now.

This is a rant about gamers and their MORE POWER entitlement.

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November 30, 2012

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Some Gamers want what they want, they don't know what they want, but they want it right now.

I'm going to go on a rant about the "Power argument" and how the Journalistic Gaming Media (JGM) keeps the debate going.  We have three graphical intensive consoles and Powerful PCs and yet we as gamers have this entitlement to more Power.

I keep hearing this argument over and over and over, and the argument is designed to pretend that each time we get new hardware that somehow it will be more than what we have now. Now that a new console has surfaced in the market, the number games have begun to talk about MHz and GB and Memory and GFlops... your get the picture, but all in all it's just a "mine is bigger than yours" argument that goes nowhere because the third party game companies just want to be able to port their games to as many devices as they can with out doing a lot of work to get that done.  Why can't our little gamer minds wrap our heads around this concept is beyond understanding.

The Wii U has hit the market and it didn't even take a week before we had hater's and so called tech experts and even now proclaimed professional hackers (what ever that is) trying to get the number games straight on what the Wii U is and how more powerful it is concerning some made up numerical standard called the 8th generation or what ever nonsense. So first a developer comes out and says the CPU of the device is crap and they are porting their First person Shooter (that very few people even know about) and this gets the self proclaimed bloggers all riled up. Then the company who publishes the developer's games comes out and says that their person misspoke and that the media (gaming tech blogs and Youtube asshats) blew what was said out of proportion. Now you got hackers who want to be famous trying to give information on numbers that mean absolutely nothing to an average gamer that doesn't spend their time try to build a high end PC to run some jerk developer's ultimate realistic fantasy world at optimal performance. Seriously this is getting tiresome.

Consoles are behind PC in power because they are for a mass of people who don't want to spend time and research trying to build a PC to play a game. The games that make the most buck are the ones that go just under the radar of needing to be ran on high end tech.  Nobody cares about your numbers game if they want to play a game and it runs well and plays well and looks good on what they already got. Chasing after some high power device to play your ultra game is not the average consumers wishes to do with thier time.

Xbox (whatever is next) and PlayStation (guess the number) is not out yet. You don't know when it will be out. You don't know what the numbers are. You don't know what the plans are and until their respective companies actually say what it is, you should not care. More numbers will do little for a strategy of port and forget third party policies. Enjoy what you have in the now and quit using the MORE POWER argument. If what you got now does not satisfy you then maybe it's time to quit gaming.

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