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Game Dev Digest Issue #145 - Level Up

Game Dev Digest Issue #145 - Level Up. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

June 24, 2022

8 Min Read

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Level Up your game with these tips on how to improve in a variety of ways. Enjoy!

Build your live game in a single modular platform with Unity Gaming Services - Unity Gaming Services (UGS) has graduated out of beta with tools that help developers tackle the challenges of building a live game.

MinionsArt Tutorials - Made a new site for all my tutorials and videos! Almost 200 posts, Shader Graph, URP, BIRP, 3D modelling, Texturing, Gameplay, and more. Now with category filters and a search :D

Sorangon Level Up - Here's the open project of my entry for the Real Time VFX monthly sketch challenge. With the theme "Level Up" I've tried to make a character absorbing new data to update himself. I used some shader tricks to make the character look like a volume of data blocks. [Direct links to the source and breakdown]
Julien Delaunay

I held a presentation at my company about my burning obsession of procedural noise functions, which I wanted to share with you. - Hello, not so long ago I held a presentation at the company I'm working at about procedural generation and more specifically different types of noise functions/textures as well as noise layering. I have been fascinated by all of what is possible by using this and wanted to share this with you in hopes that someone can learn something from this and/or get inspired by it.

Render breathtaking images in Blender with these composition techniques used by elite photographers - Photo composition can be defined as "how a photographer arranges visual elements within their frame." We Blender users do the exact same thing as photographers do with our virtual cameras. What if we can find some inspiration from the people running around with crazy expensive, physical cameras in pouring rain? Andrew "Blender Guru" Price himself argues that composition is one of the most important things you can learn as a cg artist, so you better pay attention!


My Game Just Lost it's G Rating... (Blood And Mead Devlog) - In this devlog I show the full process of how I fixed my game's combat and theme
Lost Relic Games

How to: Unity Online Multiplayer - Netcode for Unity is an amazing real-time multiplayer solution, which is part of the wider Unity Gaming Services.

Accessibility on a Shoestring - In this 2021 Independent Games Summit talk, IHDC’s Ian Hamilton gives practical tips and examples of techniques game devs can use to ensure as many people as possible are able to have the kind of experience they imagined, without breaking the bank. And sometimes even for free.

GPU Lecture 33: Light Probes and Spherical Harmonics in Unity (GPU Programming for Video Games) - In this lecture of gpu programming for video games I would like to talk about light probes and spherical harmonics.
Lantertronics - Aaron Lanterman

Post Processing for VR Development in Unity - How to setup Post Processing for both URP and Standard Pipeline in Unity for VR while keeping everything optimized.
Valem Tutorials

Save & Load System in Unity - Bug Fixes, Scriptable Objects, Deleting Data, Backup Files, and More - This video wraps up the previous Save & Load System tutorials I've done by fixing some bugs, answering some frequently asked questions, and adding some extra polish and reliability to the system.
Trever Mock

Fixing Ragdoll Head Sway (Unity Tutorial) - In this Unity tutorial we're going to look at how we can fix a common issue with ragdoll physics, where the character’s head continues to sway back and forth.
Ketra Games


Royalty Free Game Design Music And Audio FX Plugins - 100% royalty-free sounds & pro-quality presets Add killer electronic soundtracks & SFX to your games and visual projects with this massive library of 100% royalty-free sounds & audio effect plugins!

This bundle features:

  • 15,000+ sounds, SFX, and samples covering 15+ electronic music genres to set the right tone.

  • 1,300+ MIDI and presets to help craft the perfect soundscape.

  • 10 pro-quality audio effect plugins compatible with major DAWs (digital audio workstations) including FL Studio, Ableton, and Logic Pro.

Mix in the music and sounds you need to take your games to the next level, and support One Tree Planted with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

Segments - Segments is a lightweight line renderer for DOTS tech stack.
andrew-raphael-lukasik Open Source

UI Culling for Unity - This package provides a Component to trigger OnBecameVisible / OnBecameInvisible magic-methods and events, when an uGUI widget enters and exits a specific RectTransform.
pschraut Open Source

Milk_Instancer_Standard - GPU Instancing in unity with culling and LOD.
Milk-Drinker01 Open Source

Figma To Unity Importer - Tool that imports nodes from Figma into Unity.
ManakhovN Open Source

SUSMachine - a Simple Unity State Machine - A state machine implementation with a quick, easy and nice to use API - no reflection or string names, no need to inherit anything.
JamesYFC Open Source

NavMeshPlus - NavMeshComponents.Extensions provides you with ability to create navigation meshes that are generated automatically from your Scene geometry, which allows characters to move intelligently around the game world.
h8man Open Source

CloudOnce - Unified Game Services API - CloudOnce is a Unity plug-in that provides a unified game services API for Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center (iOS & tvOS). Ease of use is the primary focus for the plug-in, but it also attempts to satisfy the needs of power users.
CloudOnce Open Source

NetworkPositionSync - Network Transform using Snapshot Interpolation and other techniques to best sync position and rotation over the network.
Please report any bugs or issues Here
James-Frowen Open Source

Unity DOTS Multiplayer XR Sample - Sample project with stable Unity, Entities, Physics, NetCode, UI Builder, UI Toolkit and Multiplayer.
moetsi Open Source

ARM: Testing Unity assets automatically - Tool for Unity to create and run tests of Asset Regulations (texture size, number of vertices, etc.), and automate running.
CyberAgentGameEntertainment Open Source

Unity GPU Vector Graphics - This is a GPU accelerated vector graphics library built specifially for the Unity3D engine.
voxell-tech Open Source

Post-Processing Scan - A 3D scan/sonar-like post-processing effect. Essentially a visualization of a spherical signed distance field (SDF) rendered using the scene's depth and colour buffers. Multiple scans are supported without image-effects, and one that works with image effects (other post-processing effects).
MirzaBeig Open Source

Selective Profiling for Unity - With selective profiler you can choose individual methods to profile from Unity Profiler. Just select a method in the Profiler window and choose Profile to automatically get more precice information.
Please open the Package Readme for more information.
needle-tools Open Source

Bayegan - Secure PlayerPrefs Library for Unity3D.
AriyaGameDevelopers Open Source

Tileable Texture Generation. - This project is based on the rather old aperiodical texturing project found on the GPU gems website which is in turn based on wang tiles and the fast texture synthesis paper.
Scrawk Open Source

4D-Raymarching - a Unity framework to create spacial 4 dimensional games, using raymarching.
Jellevermandere Open Source

GradientTexture - Unity Gradient Texture generator. Texture2D-Gradient generated dynamicly Editor-time, by ScriptableObject with Gradient-properties.
mitay-walle Open Source

Rosalina - Rosalina is a code generation tool for Unity's UI documents. It allows developers to generate C# UI bindings and code-behind scripts based on a UXML template.
Eastrall Open Source

Learn Game Development For Beginners - Press Start on your game dev journey Level up your skills in coding, art, and more game dev fundamentals with these beginners’ online courses from GameDev.tv! Whether you’re interested in building your own game or pursuing a studio career, you’ll get dozens of hours of expert instruction to help you build a foundation in Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, C++, C#, and more. Get the knowledge you need to make your game, and support One Tree Planted with your purchase!
Humble Bundle Affiliate

The Graphic Desingers Toolkit - Creative resources for students & pros Equip yourself with the graphic design know-how you need with this bundle from Quarto! Whether you’re interested in learning the fundamentals or seeking specialized resources, you’ll find it in the digital pages of 20 books including Layout Essentials, Typography, Referenced, Identity Designed, and more. Plus, your purchase helps support The Trevor Project!
Humble Bundle Affiliate


Space Reign - Space Reign is a part space sim, part strategy indie game about fleet combat, management, and completing security contracts for resource exploiting corporations in the near future, which are in a state of constant conflict over territory control.

[You can wishlist on Steam, and join them on Discord]
Propulsive Games

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