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Game Dev Digest Issue #141 - Solo Development, and More! The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

May 13, 2022

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Helpful tips for solo devs and small teams, plus a lot more. Enjoy!

The Worst Bug Ever—Randomly Losing Your Best Players - Imagine discovering a serious bug in production immediately after releasing your game. Imagine this bug hurts only your paying customers. Imagine it freezes the game immediately after players complete an in-app purchase. Imagine that when the player restarts, the game freezes during start-up. Imagine the player can never get unstuck and has to uninstall the game. Imagine your app is currently featured on the Apple Store. This is a story of such a bug, the worst bug I have ever dealt with in 30 years of programming. This is a story of how we tracked it down and worked with Unity to fix it.
Pocket Gems

Get Jurassic with Loady Dungeons: The new UGS sample game - Loady Dungeons is an introductory demo project built to showcase Unity’s Addressables and Cloud Content Delivery in a simple, production-ready game. Players take control of the adorable dinosaur, aptly named Dino, in a top-down perspective to explore the dungeon, locate a key, and open the door to a new level.

Unity 2022.1 Tech Stream is now available - In this post, we’re sharing just a few of the most impactful highlights that cover key focus areas, including unified UI, artist usability, iteration speed, and platform enhancements. [Also check out Physics changes in Unity 2022.1]

Destroyable tilemaps in 2D Unity platformer - In this article we are going to look into the implementation of destroyable tilemaps, nowadays often seen in modern games – including 2D platformers.

Making a RTS game in Unity (C#) - Let’s learn how to implement the various systems that make up a real-time strategy game in the well-known game engine Unity!
Mina Pêcheux

Building a PS1 style retro 3D renderer - In this article, I’ll detail all I’ve learned in researching the PS1 and other retro game consoles. And of course, how I’ve implemented it in the fantasy console, which will be called Polybox.
Also check out this Twitter thread]

Tiny Teams - This summer, we’ll be holding our third Tiny Teams festival on Steam and Twitch. If you’re a solo or micro-team developer, this is the chance to find your audience. [Also read the Reddit thread]
Yogscast Games

Interested in Being a Game Developer? - Welcome to Legends of Learning! We are looking to expand our library of over 1,500 Math and Science learning games and we need your help! Want to make something good for kids while getting paid great money? Come join the sprint!


Solo Development: Myths, Reality and Survival Strategies - In this 2022 GDC session, panelists deconstruct the solo-development journey through the stories of those who choose to follow this path and successfully release their games.

Unity 2022.1 for GameDevs - 1 Feature MADE ME UPGRADE - An overview of some new features.
Jason Weimann

Setting up Deeplinks and Universal Links in Unity | iOS & Android | 4bits - A Deeplinking tutorial.

Classic Game Postmortem: 'Q*bert' - In this 2022 GDC session, designer and programmer Warren Davis describes the history and development of the classic game, Q*bert.


Flash Deals! - Throughout the month of May, the Unity Asset Store will feature a series of Flash Deals!

Flash Deals will be available on select assets in limited quantities at up to 75% off and three new Flash Deals will launch every eight hours. Discounts will last until the end of the sale or until sold out.

Some of our faves: Fantasy animated characters pack , World Map Globe Edition 2, Hair Designer, and lots more!
Unity Affiliate

UIComponents - A small front-end framework for Unity's UIElements.
jonisavo Open Source

Pie-Chart-Timer - A unity script and CG shader that can be used to create a 2D UI sprite pie chart that counts down over time.
JasonHein Open Source

Tweening - The Tweening package provides a system for tweening object properties in Unity. A tween is an animation of a value from a start position to an end position using an easing function, providing a natural sense of motion.
zigurous Open Source

Reactive Node system - Reactive node system for Unity.
UnioGame Open Source

Ecstasy - Sparse-set based ECS for Unity. Simple, flexible and fast.
neon-age Open Source

VGltf - A glTF and GLB serializer/deserializer library written in pure C#.
yutopp Open Source

KingNetwork - KingNetwork is an open source library to facilitate the creation and communication of clients and servers through TCP, UDP and Web sockets.
Mun1z Open Source

IOC Library in Source Framework for Unity3D - You can add package from git url through the Package Manager.
kakashiio Open Source

Unity DI Framework - A Unity framework to inject dependencies into your components. The project contains a simple demo game to demonstrate the framework in action.
Delt06 Open Source

InfinityFoliage - GPU Driven Tree&Grass System for Improvement Universal Render Pipeline(URP).
haolange Open Source

Fluent Assertions for Unity - For more information about FluentAssertions itself, please head over to https://fluentassertions.com
BoundfoxStudios Open Source

Big Royalty Free Game Dev Music and SFX Bundle - Score your game with this vast sound library! Add mood, melody, and explosive sounds to your game with this vast and varied mix of royalty-free audio assets! Discover fantasy themes for your dark fantasy RPG, unearthly harmonies for your sci-fi adventure, and all manner of effects for creatures, spells, user interface elements, alien technology, and more. Plus, your purchase will support American Cancer Society!
Humble Bundle Affiliate


Star in the Hollow - A young girl who finds herself alone in a massive cave with no memory of how she arrived there. Aided by a mysterious talking bird, she must find her way out of the cave, and hopefully, return to a family that she can’t even remember.

[Follow on Twitter, and check out their site]

Grimm Tales LLC

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