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Game Dev Digest Issue #140 - Retro And Polish

Game Dev Digest Issue #140 - Retro And Polish. The latest from the free weekly Unity3d/gamedev newsletter.

Mike Marrone, Blogger

May 9, 2022

7 Min Read

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Take a look at some graphical styles inspired from the past, plus a lot more. Enjoy!

Creating Poison Projectile VFX in Houdini, Unity & Unreal Engine - Pawel Margacz told us about the working process behind the VFX Poison Projectile project, talked about the differences between working in Unity and Unreal Engine, and shared some tips for beginner VFX artists.

Customizing performance metrics in the Unity Profiler - Our new Profiler counters provide a lightweight mechanism for adding your own performance metrics to your Unity applications and packages. You can also now visualize your metrics directly in the Profiler window by adding your own Profiler Modules. Read on for more details on how to use these features to improve the performance of your Unity project.

Our biggest e-book yet: 2D game art, animation, and lighting for artists - Our most comprehensive 2D game development guide is now available to download for free. Over 120 pages long, it covers all aspects of 2D game development for artists. This includes roundtripping between Unity and your digital content creation (DCC) software, sprite creation, layer sorting for level design, camera setup, animation, lights, plus many optimization tips along the way.

Playing With Nostalgia: Using ‘80s Animation to Design an Exciting Video Game Experience - Every piece of art co-exists in a space that inspires and is inspired. With Global Steel, we have been inspired by old cartoons. How old? The cartoons of the ’80s. Remember The Centurions? He-Man? How about M.A.S.K.?

Octasphere - Superior Lat/Lon Sphere. Combine cube sphere and UV sphere algorithms. Fold rhombuses to create an octahedron. Derive texture coordinates from vertex position. This is the eighth tutorial in a series about procedural meshes. This time we create an octahedron sphere as an alternative to the UV sphere.

Unity 2022.2.0 Alpha 12 - Unity 2022.2.0 Alpha 12 has been released.



Polishing and Releasing My Tiny Geography Game - I've been making some small tweaks and additions to my little geography game based on the great feedback I've received from all of you (thank you!).
Sebastian Lague

Tunic style dappled lighting using light cookies - Unity Tutorial - Game Dev Experiments episode 2: recreating the dappled lighting effect from Tunic.
Stone Baked Games

Adding Collisions For Your Tilemaps and 2D Character - Unity Tutorial - Collisions are an essential part of every game. This tutorial explains how to finally combine your tilemaps and your moveable, animated player with nicely working collisions and comes with a lot of tips and tricks on how to solve common problems.

11 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know You Could Do In Unity - Let's take a look at some not-so commonly known things that you can do in Unity and C#. Hopefully there's something useful in here.
Game Dev Guide

How to Add a TRAIL EFFECT to Anything in Unity - Unity offers a TrailRenderer Component, and in like 30 seconds you can add customizable trailing effects to any moving GameObject.

Creating custom fonts in Unity! Use images, colors, textures, whatever you want! No code needed here - Creating custom fonts in Unity! Use images, colors, textures, whatever you want! No code needed here
Destined To Learn

Full CLIMBING SYSTEM in 10 MINUTES - Unity Tutorial - In this tutorial I'm going to show you everything you need to know about coding smooth climbing movement and a climb jumping ability in Unity.
Dave / GameDevelopment

Tutorial: Online multiplayer FPS Unity & Photon Fusion EP1 (Fusion setup + movement) - In this tutorial series I'll show you how to create an online multiplayer first person shooter with Unity and Photon Fusion from scratch.
Pretty Fly Games



Flash Deals! - Throughout the month of May, the Unity Asset Store will feature a series of Flash Deals!

Flash Deals will be available on select assets in limited quantities at up to 75% off and three new Flash Deals will launch every eight hours. Discounts will last until the end of the sale or until sold out.

Some of our faves: Fantasy animated characters pack , World Map Globe Edition 2, Hair Designer, and lots more!
Unity Affiliate

Compilation Visualizer for Unity - This tool visualizes the assembly compilation process in Unity3D. It hooks into the Editor-provided events and nicely draws them on a timeline. That's especially helpful when trying to optimize compile times and dependencies between assemblies.
needle-tools Open Source

Unity GPU Vector Graphics - This is a GPU accelerated vector graphics library built specifially for the Unity3D engine.
voxell-tech Open Source

LineBurst - Plot functions and draw large amounts of debug lines, shapes and text to the Unity Game and Scene View, from BURST compiled jobs or MonoBehaviours.
bassmit Open Source

Vision - CullingGroup API for everyone - CullingGroup offers a way to integrate your own systems into Unity’s culling and LOD pipeline.
mackysoft Open Source

Unity TicTacToe - A Tic Tac Toe Unity game with an artificial intelligence that can play perfectly using a MinMax algorithm
BadToxic Open Source

Tri Inspector - Advanced inspector attributes for Unity.
codewriter-packages Open Source

Animation Authoring for Neural Quadruped Controller - The system allows an offline control for different quadruped character movements, such as locomotion and stylizations thereof, sneaking, eating, and hydrating has been created. Additionally, this work proposes a new dataset which aims to enhance synthetic motions when trained jointly with motion capture data. The approach is based on manipulating postures using inverse kinematics.
pauzii Open Source

Developer Console - Developer Console for Unity with easy integration to existing projects.
anarkila Open Source

Choice - Weighted Random Selector - Weighted Random Selector is an algorithm for randomly selecting elements based on their weights.
mackysoft Open Source

Nav - About Nav is easy to use 3D navigation library. It operates on axis-aligned cuboids (cells). Navigation data is built on-the-fly as soon as cells are fed to the system. Separate navigation module is responsible for pathing. Exploration module can be supplied for automatic navmesh traversal. Nav can be used in any project with AABB navmesh data.
Cr33zz Open Source

Gradient Color Space - A tool to convert a simple Unity.Gradient into a peicewise gradient interpolated in another color space. Useful to create nice looking gradients and avoid 'muddy' or perceptionally incorrect interpolated colors.
markeahogan Open Source

Big Royalty Free Game Dev Music and SFX Bundle - Score your game with this vast sound library! Add mood, melody, and explosive sounds to your game with this vast and varied mix of royalty-free audio assets! Discover fantasy themes for your dark fantasy RPG, unearthly harmonies for your sci-fi adventure, and all manner of effects for creatures, spells, user interface elements, alien technology, and more. Plus, your purchase will support American Cancer Society!
Humble Bundle Affiliate



Wizordum - Wizordum is a retro-inspired FPS with a focus on action and light puzzles. It blends the best features of classic fantasy shooters from the 90s with some modern aspects making it a unique experience. Take the role of a Cleric and fight against Chaos that roams the land - smash, burn and loot!

[You can follow them on Twitter, and wishlist on Steam]
Emberheart Games

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