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FPS Maker - Preview 01

FPS game engine in development. First preview

Kévin Drure, Blogger

July 25, 2019

1 Min Read

This is a first preview of the engine/editor. The project is under development and not downloadable yet. Feel free to post any feedback, it would really be appreciated. Other posts will follow during the development.

What is FPS Maker ?

FPS Maker is an FPS game engine/editor with no coding knowledge requirements designed for absolute newbies in game development.

Paint your rooms on a grid, place entities and test your map with just one click. Share your final game as a standalone game (no need to get the editor) in a few clicks.

Import your own assets an make your own game in a few time.

FPS Maker is written in C++ using Irrlicht for the rendering and OpenAL for the audio. It is under development, in an early stage.


Wants to try a game made with FPS Maker ? Go to this page and download a very short and lightweight demo (required space on disk less than 50mb).

Note that this demo has been made with a young development version of the engine, all game features are not present.






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