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Festival of Games 2010

The objective of this article is to introduce you the Festival of Games 2010 and invite the international game community to join the Festival of Games on the 2-3 June, 2010 in the Netherlands.

Irina Voblaia, Blogger

January 14, 2010

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NLGD stands for De Nederlandse Gamedagen, which means Dutch Game Days. This organization was established in 2005. The major focus was to stimulate the development of the Dutch game industry. The NLGD Foundation put the energy and knowledge to stimulate the national game community and, first and foremost, became a representative body of the Dutch game industry.

What are the functions of the NLGD?

  1. International representation;

  2. Organization game-related events;

  3. Organization of the Festival of Games


For the past five years NLGD Foundation has delivered the industry focus with emphasis on cutting industry knowledge  and networking. Festival of Games has become the place where top European developers, publishers and related companies present themselves and their products. It offers the effective business platform for the deal makers within the games and digital media industries. The mission of the event is  to bring together the top players in the game and multimedia industries by attracting the key audience from Executive & Finance, Strategy & Marketing, IT, game Art & Design to build new partnerships, share, innovate and prosper together.


Festival of Games 2010 presents:

  • Expo

  • Pitch & Match

  • Career Fair

  • Conference


Let us explore what is the Pitch & Match platform about. I do think the idea behind the event was brilliant. Pitch&Match features the  business sessions, when parties meet to discuss the purpose of mutual interests. It well may be a publishing deal, new project acquisition, outsourcing, codevelopment, IP and licensing rights, investment opportunities and anything else that may be reached within mutual agreement.

The Pitch & Match platform goes even beyond that. As soon as a company commits to participate in the event, an extensive marketing campaign is to be launched. The company’s profile is published in numerous professional digital and printed media. Company’s message is mediated through the Festival of Games network.


Furthermore, Festival of Games conducts a marketing study, thoroughly analyzing the core of the business company operates in and what kind  of deals may be valuable.

This is what makes the event stand out in comparison to the biggest shows and exhibitions. It is a customer intimacy along with dealmaking approach: we turn your wish-list of companies into our hit-list. We invite the right companies to participate in the event and we get the right mix of companies – there is always match between the two parties at least!


We are interested in what you are saying and we will act on it. This is you who is actively engaged in the building up the event! Another shows may offer what they have prearranged, Festival of Games will arrange it according to your actual needs.

What do you think about Pitch & Match? What would be important for you to attend the Pitch&Match @  Festival of Games 2010?



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