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Double Fusion Signs Three-Year Ad Deal with Eidos

In-game advertising firm Double Fusion has announced the signing of a three-year deal with Eidos Interactive (Tomb Raider, Hitman series) to include a variety of ad formats in ten as yet unspecified upcoming Eidos titles.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

July 23, 2007

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In-game ad firm Double Fusion has announced a three-year deal with Eidos Interactive (Tomb Raider, Hitman series) to cover ten unspecified "key" Eidos titles, all currently in development. A variety of ad formats are included in the deal, like "dynamically-served" ads, which can be rotated or changed after the games' release, deep integrations and product placements. The target platforms (whether PC, console, or both) were not specified for the deal. The announcement comes on the heels of several other recent Double Fusion ad agreements; the firm reached agreements with casual gaming portal ijji (Gunbound, Gunz) and Gala-Net's recently-announced online gameUpshift StrikeRacer. "The quality and breadth of Eidos’ portfolio of games represents an ideal opportunity for advertisers to reach many millions of consumers in an uncluttered and engaging environment," said Frank Sagnier, Double Fusion’s European managing director. "It further strengthens videogames as a primary medium of choice to reach the elusive 18-34 year old audience.”

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