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April 26, 2014

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After many years of serving their customers, MIN Communications Inc., became a famous company among most of their players. The main reason why the company becoming famous or well-known by their players or customers is not because of their good and productive services given but it was due to their bad and non-productive services in one of their company project called as RAN Online(Global Service). Since the launch of the RAN Online(GS) game in year 2009, there were very less complaints or protests made the players against the company. Most started at the end of year 2012 after they released a new patch which included the game biggest change, the Rise of Assassin class.
Since then, the game of RAN Online(GS) keep evolving and evolving...and now, it is turning to become worse as most players of RAN Online(GS) never hope for. All the Game Masters who served the company in helping the management of game never try their best to understand what are the players' needs and hopes in the game. They always proceed with what they had planned for in their projects without caring the players' objectives, financials, interests, time, locations, and others. There are so many parts that they can look at from different angles. Bad thing is, the Game Masters are too selfish! They ignored most of the parts and as I said they keep proceeding with what they planned only.

Adding with the bad attitude of most players in the game. The Game Masters always pretend like nothing will cause dissatisfaction by those players. Many Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games in this world are using nProtect GameGuard to secure their game from the strike of those "terrorists" in the game. However, this game got nothing to secure the game. It is widely opened to the whole world like everyone can join, unlike other game companies from other countries that made their games to have region locked list. RAN Online(GS) allows the players from listed region lock to use any 3rd party program to breakthrough their block and simply access the game for playing. At the end, game quality started to drop.

Previously, RAN Online(GS) also faced a lot of failures in the events. Recently, there was an event which was failed. Many calls had been made to their head quarter and their staffs/operator had promised to call out a Game Master to deal off with all these issues. The really sad thing was, they never do so. Promised in the line but lied at the back. The MIN Communications Inc., staff attitude is the same. Never keep good attitude, never keep promise, never be ethical. If you visit their official site and view their company objectives and others, their staffs are not even fulfilling what are written in their official site.

A lot of players keep complaining about the game to the Game Master (GM) or the RAN World team to take immediate actions. After a few months, the team made their actions and had updated with a better and more balance patch by tweaking the almost all parts of the classes. The hardwork can be seen from there. However, the game still have a very unfriendly environment as there are too many pinoys who joined the game by using Hotspot Shield or VPN software which can pass through the region locking by the company on any player who is from Philippine. 

Today, the game is becoming even worse when the RAN World team never fully refer to the policies of the game when making their judgement on any player. In year 2013, there was a player who was proven to keep promoting his items by selling them through PayPal and by cash. A player who made the report already sent every single evidence but the RAN World team denied to take action based on their game policies and they made a new Notice as announcement to the player to cover the foul player or in-game criminal.

In head of 2014, another player who keep distracting the activities of the player who made the report also got escaped because the RAN World team denied to take action. If you are a professional player, what would you think about the future of the game?

Can the players keep their faith in the Game Masters? Can the players keep supporting the game with the cover by the game policies? The game policies are all amended by the company or developer themselves yet the RAN World team staffs abused them like nothing. Question that running in most players are, do the company really aim for profits only or covering the players with the game policies they have?

What kind of game is this?
A bias game managed by MIN Communication Inc.?

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