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Assassin's Creed getting people into reading and boosting the world's economy.

Darren Mc Elroy, Blogger

April 30, 2014

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Assassin's Creed getting people into reading and boosting the world's economy.


First thing I have to say is that I love the assassins creed series , been able to travel back in time to whiteness some of histories greatnesses events, time periods, monuments and meeting some  of the most influence figures in history is amazing.

With interacting with characters like Rodrigo Borgia one of history's most colorful popes, Leonardo da Vinci one of the world's greatest painters, sculptors, inventors, scientist, George Washington one of Americas greatest Presidents,   and Black Beard the Pirate one of the most famous of histories pirates, and with so much interest  in the real life characters and the game letting you see another side to the characters, interacting with these characters in the game just makes you want to believe you really know them and can see what they do on an average day, been able to see the soundings that they would of seen back in these time.

Leaving you wanting more and wanting to find out what is it true or is it fictional. The game developers try very hard to make us believe this is true ( if we did not believe in the game we would not have the interest in it that people do). But having theses question and visual scene  in your mind brings you to want to explore more in the game and in the history books.

Any game that can get people reading about the worlds history in game or any other media is great for everyone especially kids.

("Teaching your child to read early and well has multiple benefits and is the key to your child's academic future. The main reason is that reading is at the heart of all formal education. Below are some of the many advantages of developing early reading ability in your child.

  • Neurological

  • Educational

  • Psychological

  • Social

  • Linguistic

(text has been copy from teachreadingearly.com)



In the game you are brought around a new city by a guide which walks you to all the historical buildings in the level at this point the game feeds the player with all the information about that building or person in the game, give you just enough information to make you want to know more.

It has been proven by me that games like assassins creed with their high quality graphics and great game play and story lines all so influence peoples behavior in picking their holiday destinations, for example I have been playing the game and climbing to the top of the The Basilica di Santa Croce, Florence, Italy, seen this in the game and reading the history about the building and knowing that some of the world's most famous people have been here before and just maybe so where you climbing to the top of The Basilica di Santa Croce can be just enough to set you off to buy that ticket to go and see if you can find your favorite place to go and see what has changed since the last time you where there.

This influence that games have over tourism is great for all parties  evolved from Governments, local shops, hotels, restaurants , and all of a countries economy.

 (How Tourism Benefits Communities

Tourism is one of the most effective ways of redistributing wealth, by moving money into local economies from other parts of the country and overseas. It brings income into a community that would otherwise not be earned.

Economic benefits

Economic benefits resulting from tourism can take a number of forms including:

1. Jobs

Employment may be associated directly, such as tour guide or managerial positions; or in supporting industries like food production or retail suppliers.

2. Increased spending

Increased spending in the community generated from visitors or tourism businesses can directly and indirectly promote the viability of local businesses.

3. Economic diversification

Tourism operators can play a role in highlighting the broad prosperity that tourism can bring to a community and will contribute to a greater understanding and respect for the value of tourism.

Economic diversification is, for many communities, an insurance policy against hard times. By offering an additional means of income, tourism can support a community when a traditional industry is under financial pressure, particularly where that community relies heavily on a single industry.

4. Infrastructure

Infrastructure including roads, parks, and other public spaces can be developed and improved both for visitors and local residents through increased tourism activity in a region.

Social benefits

Community identity and pride can be generated through tourism. A positive sense of community identity can be reinforced and tourism can encourage local communities to maintain their traditions and identity.

Environmental benefits

Providing financial or in-kind support for the conservation of the local environment and natural resources will enhance the reputation of any tourism business.

So overall this is my option on the game assassins creed and its effects it benefits for Kids reading and Tourism.


Darren Mc Elroy.

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