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Are Computer Games Good as Kids Games?

If your kid is allowed to sit in the computer and he or she has a little knowledge about computer games, it is certain that he/she would hardly look for something else to spend time.

Sultana Parvin, Blogger

May 24, 2013

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If your kid is allowed to sit in the computer and he or she has a little knowledge aboutcomputer games, it is certain that he/she would hardly look for something else to spend time. But have you ever thought whether you are doing good or bad by putting your kid before the computer? Your kids need their physical and psychological growth, which could be developed by letting them doing some physical events and again growing appetite for diets through physical activities. But, unfortunately, the computer games do not need any physical activities other than pressing the keys of clicking the mouse. Even for brain development, this small screen has many limitations. As such, this article discusses whether computer gamesare good for your kids. And if not, what creative kids games are suggestive for your kids’ physical and brain development.

 What Computer Games Do?

In these days, you may find a huge number of computer games; some are free, but most are paid. Even children, especially boys make collection of DVD/CDs with varieties of computer games. Some games are really good as educational games. Those computer games, which teach counting or color matching to kids, some games are based on mathematical calculations, or word matching, or teaches spelling. These educational computer games help your kids improve his or her math or English knowledge. But, other than these types of educational games, most of the computer games, which are more attractive to the kids, are yet harmful to them due to following reasons:

1.   Unrealistic Thoughts:   Most of the kids by watching activities of myth characters, ghost, monster or alien in the computer games loose that realistic sense or thought about the practical life. Rather, gradually they start believing a sense of existence of those man-made digital creatures.

2.   Eye and Ear Problems:   Human eyes and ears have their best conditions at the early age. A child can hear or see a lot better than the older one. But at this early age, mostcomputer games with excessive sound, color and resolution, damage or deteriorate the eardrum sensitivity and eye sight of children, who spend considerable time with thosecomputer games.

3.   Low Physical Growth:   Children sitting before the computer for long time do not need to burn their calories and that develop their lack of interest towards food. Again at that early age they need to move and do some kind of physical activities to keep their body into action. There is hardly any scope of physical exercises through computer games.

 Creative Kids Games

Having considerable terrible impacts of computer games, kids may be encouraged in games that allow them some sort of physical exercises. If your kids are not of that level to play soccer or basketball, yet you can arrange some indoor games that allow physical movements of your children. Some kids games have also additional features of creativity that contributes to brain development of your kids. For creative kids games by your children you may look for the wooden building blocks, or tree branch blocks that are available in theKIDZSTORE.


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