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Angry Birds is an App!

At least to the kids of the iOS / Android generation it is.

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November 13, 2012

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Oldschool gamer here...

I was pondering what a game is in this generation.  So I did an unscientific poll with a few kids from the New Generation of iSO, Facebook, Andoid games.  I ask them to define what a videogame is.  Ages 12 - 15 said that a videogame is a disc that is placed into a console of computer and uses a keyboard, joystick or gamepad like controller to controll the action.  I mused, well you all have those iPhone / iPad Smartphone games now so you have more choices.  I was quickly informed that those where apps and not really videogames.

I stand very corrected...

Though the kids did expresss that they had their favorite (Apps) they liked to play or use on their phones pads, that they still saw a game as being on a disc. 

Corrected once again...

It seems that the rush to create mobile games, which are more accessable to the masses as charts and graphs may disclose, may actually changing the name or meaning of a videogame pehaps in the mind of the next game consumer generation.

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