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And the Winner of the Game Awards is…US!!!

A thought piece on the 2016 Game Awards

Drew Fletcher, Blogger

December 12, 2016

2 Min Read

     This is your friendly neighborhood game designer and I would like to thank God (of course), Mom, Dad, my sister and everyone who believed in me and gave me a chance.  Now in a real acceptance speech I would have to name drop better but hey that’s my first time.  In case you missed it, the 2016 Game Awards was at the beginning of the month; many great games won awards and many more were nominated.  I just have one question…where was my vote?  Now lights on center stage and here we go!

     I was wondering how these games are chosen to be in the Game Awards.  After some precise Googling, I found my answer.  Different publications like Wired and Game Informer are sent ballots and they vote.  The interesting thing is that MOST of the voting is done by these publications, I wonder who the other select few are?  Anyways, I find it weird that not even game developers can vote for their peers.  I mean no shady I vote for myself type stuff, but showing praise for their friends who made an incredible game.  Fans get to vote for certain categories.  Why can’t we just vote in general?  I mean people vote for President of their country, but I cannot help decide Game of the Year (Which was Overwatch, let’s go!!!!)???  Wouldn’t that be more praise worthy getting these awards from your peers and audience.  Let’s face it, your game could be thabomb.com, have the best graphics and story and still sell nothing.  So many things go into a successful game but one thing remains the same…the fans.  So wouldn’t be awesome if we could help in the voting?  Sure give more weight to those in the industry but come on…let us help…please?

     That was my two cents on the awards.  I will leave links about the voting process and the nominations below.  If you have your own thoughts on the awards or just want to say hi, do it!  This is your friendly neighborhood game designer in QA and remember give people roses when they can still smell them.  See ya!



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