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This post is about the changes in the gaming industry and the current focus of the gaming community.

Animesh Singh

May 8, 2013

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First movie that was ever made was of a man sneezing and the first game ever made was Tic Tac Toe...we've come very very far from that.
Some people may remember Mario as their first game and some may remember Contra but those days have been long gone when gaming had boundaries and limits. It is a human tendency to yearn for more, its desire to take everything to its limit and beyond. If you look at Mario, Contra and then compare them with Assassins Creed, Need For Speed or many other games you will know what I am talking about.

I have been playing games for as long as I can remember and one thing that I observed was that people play games not as a hobby or a fun thing to do, They do it for the experience, for the thrill and for the excitement that they can not have in their real life, they want it to be exciting, full of surprises and most of all they want it to be "REALISTIC".
This single term is the only thing that has led the advancement in gaming industry. People want to feel like they are there, right in that moment as if its not a game but its their life, each move and every split second decision they take would determine their victory. This has been a very hot topic for debates in the gaming industry as well as in the Psychology, psychologists are amazed at how different people respond to different games but there is not a single person they could find that would say he doesn't like playing games. When they did a survey on this they found out that 80% of the gamers play games because games help them understand their own self and games help them channel their feelings and emotions towards day-to-day life stress into their games. 70% of the gamers get attached to the game and its story.People get attached to characters and care about what happens to them. This relationship that gamers started having with characters didn't really happen until games got big graphical boosts and story makeovers. Original games like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy gave the gamer something to fight for, and a reason to push forward. The natural progression of the industry, and technology as a whole, has made these stories more believable. And the more realistic they become, the greater investment gamers are going to put into them.

And after 15 years of research Psychologists came up with the following conclusion
All video game developers should attempt to make their games, in some form or another, realistic. They may choose to go down the path of cutting edge technology that produces a photo-realistic experience. Maybe create a deep and enthralling story that gets the player emotionally invested. Or maybe they choose to reflect the human condition back onto the player, forcing them to see their own strengths and weaknesses. All of these things generate games that not only immerse the player into the worlds fiction, but make that fiction seem like reality.
Who knows, maybe a game will come along that delivers all of these things, maybe more and completely take the gaming world by surprise and get the scientists one more reason to spend sleepless nights on.

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