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XNA Quicks - My First Game

Long time web app developer takes a shot at game development and finishes his first game, video and source available as well.

Marc Miles, Blogger

March 31, 2009

1 Min Read

For starters, I had a blast building this.  Even though its simple, very simple, I learned a lot.  It's amazing having to code for something that updates 60 times per second.  Lots of ideas start poping into my head for future games that I'll be making.

The game is called XNA Quicks.  Think of the last time you played Tetris and the speed of the last level.  I took that concept and essentially force you into a do or die situation.  Get as many points as you can in roughly 1.5 minutes before the game ends, and it does end.

Anyway, I hope you have fun with it.  There is a video of the gameplay (with the fantastic Creative Commons music by SaReGaMa that I used in the game), lots more details and source code available at my blog.


What I would like to know from readers is what path did you take when you started game development?  Specifically, did you build your own games to start with or make a few clones of others?  And, what advice can you give someone who is new to game dev?

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