xboxindiegames redux!

The site lives - now with graphs!

A new year often brings change; in this case, I spent some time at Christmas tweaking the xboxindiegames website.

The main changes were around streamlining some of the rendering code, but I decided to sneak something else in: a system for generating statistics.  So there's now a page filled with charts showing how things like average cost, release frequency and ratings have changed over time.  The rating counts are potentially interesting: there looks to have been a slow but ongoing decline in the number of people giving out ratings, ever since Microsoft removed the ability to rate games from the "play the game" page on the dashboard.

I'd be interested in any feedback on this: is this data actually useful for anyone?  Are there any other stats people would like to see?  I'm already planning to add some "top twenty" lists - most prolific developer, games with the greatest number of ratings: beyond that, if it's in the database and (relatively) easy to extract, I'm happy to have a quick tinker

Now, it's back to writing the reviews.  1550 games down, 50 to review...

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