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What to do with all my knowledge?

A few year of college courses, years of game playing experience, and a basic understanding of the production work flow process. What can I expect to find if I wanted to get a job in the industry?

Dan VanBogelen, Blogger

July 15, 2009

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   I have studied a few courses that may relate in some fashion to the industry even though a the time there were no specific courses back 15 years ago. In the past I have studied Film Direction, Graphic design, and electronic engineering. I never managed to get a degree because I had to support myself while going to school, and I didn't want to be buried in debt for the rest of my life. As a Hobie I have been diving into the nuts and bolts of the work flow process. Learning any software I can get my hands on, such as Maya, Photoshop, and the

 work flow process involved at each of those levels.

    My skills would seem to reflect a managerial role in game design, but I understand it would be hard to get in that position without actual game production experience. I am not a master of any particular skill, but I have a basic understanding of each step in the process.  With my technical skills, knowedge of workflow processes, and good communication skills, I believe I would make a good online community manager. 


What do you think my chances at getting a job as a community manager, and using that expirence to move up in a company? Do you think my resume of past expirence would hold up for that position? I can sell my resume well, and have no problem explaning the value of my expirence and how it can relate to the position.

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