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What's new in Espresso Tycoon?

We recently released a general overview of our newest game - Espresso Tycoon, and today we want to show you how much this project has developed. Check out the latest Espresso Tycoon Weekly Recap!

Trz ask, Blogger

February 25, 2021

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1. NPCs in the game world

We put NPCs into the game world - we started with the barista, the cleaner, and the bodyguard. You can see them performing their duties and everyday chores. Of course, we are still working on their behavior and operation.


2. Ordering a cup of coffee

The girl who is the face of our game also made her way into the game world. Now she can walk to the bar, choose her favorite coffee, and place an order - all in a stylish coffee shop.


We would love to hear your opinion about her. Does she look authentic? Friendly? Attractive? Every feedback is most welcome.


3. Your coffee shops can be located all over the world

We started with Paris, but we think globally. Your coffee shops can appear in many of the world’s most iconic cities. Below you can see a GIF showing a few cafés placed in Rome.


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