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What of the the holy grail of gaming, the MMO 2.0?

Not enough has talked about this: What is the MMO 2.0? And what are the benefits with one.

Vegard Johansen, Blogger

September 7, 2009

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What is the MMO 2.0? And what are the benefits with one.

(I must say this is my first blog ,so please be forgiving to my bad writing skills.) 

A mmo 2.0 or in other words a truly dynamic mmo is in short a lot of people playing different games over different genres, were all of those games are interacting with one another. And were almost every facet of the game can be affected by the players.

Like if someone is playing the game as a trading simulator then their doings will have an effect on the other players in terms of trading. Or a leader of a big group will play the game in more of a grand strategy mode and will have the ability affect a great deal of things. 

It’s hard to explain what the next big step in mmo’s will be, and creating it will be hard to do because in order to achieve it one needs to combine a great deal of different games into one thing. In order for a dynamic mmo to work, a great deal if not almost all of the games aspect needs to be controlled by the players. Because a dynamic mmo will only be truly dynamic and get the benefits of being dynamic, if enough of its aspects is player controlled. 

But what are bonuses from being dynamic and what makes it dynamic? 

Well the bonuses from being dynamic are that you get a player driven game world\society, and with that you get a games that is both dynamic and static after who the player\person are. Pretty much like real life. How do this happen? Well when you get a big enough group and the members of this group can affect the world around them enough you get a society, with police, military, trading, etc. And a society can offer stability and make the game more static and stable for the players that like that, while being dynamic for players who like that instead. 

What makes it dynamic? Well that is that the players get to shape the world around them enough. I’m not talking about the limited things that can be done in mmo’s like Eve online, I am talking about almost everything being changeable, from groups having the ability to build cities were they want to, and have a implication on almost every facet of the world around them. Like player controlled economy, player controlled factions (grand strategy style), etc. 

I am talking about a game were the skeleton and the frame of the game is made up of a sim city like game, were the players together can change terrain and build cities. And were players mould the history of the game through which technologies the big groups choose to research, and their choices in terms of trade, war and politics. A game all players start off the same in traditional way only that they got the chance to head off to try to achieve whatever position they have in mind, like a leader of a group, mayor, trader, city builder or mercenary for hire. 

I won’t go any more indebt on this now. But I must say that all the technology, ideas and talent is available to do this! And by any eventual gods, the first to do this right will throw blizzard off the mmo throne!

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