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What was that magic moment in your life when the switch flipped?

Joseph Hatcher, Blogger

August 20, 2013

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For me, it was TRON and The Last Starfighter, plus the arcade games of the early 1980s. TRON fueled the spark, and The Last Starfighter turn it into a Red Giant Star.

To spare you from a long, traumatic story, the first 5 years of my life were quite... volatile. My mother always sought ways to inspire me after that chapter in my life, and provided tools the best she could for me to tinker inventively and tried to satisfy my unlimited curiousity. Video games are now a major pillar in supporting the creative part of my life. Those two movies convinced kid-sized me that I should be making games too!

The concept that you could make a little world for others to play in fascinated me. Radio told stories and spread music throughout humanity. Movies brought plays and stories with visuals and audio to a giant screen in a group/social setting. Television spread more of the same indivisually to people's homes and work places.

Then they combined TVs/displays to these wonderful things called computers. Once these became in widespread use as arcade machines, home consoles, and personal computers, science fiction seemed like there was no more fiction, or limits to what humans could do (there are still no limits) with these awesome computers.

Watching the industry grow the way it has over the last four decades and more, are such blurry pixels. So many engineering and creative feats that many of us take for granted every second of every day.

Some of us make worlds focused on killing and hurting others for rewards.

Some of us make worlds filled with puzzles that mystify, then reward.

Some of us make worlds that seem like the creators were on a variety of drugs where players are punching bricks, jumping on mushroom creatures, wearing raccon suits, collecting antigravity coins, and smashing ceramic pots everywhere, regardless of of who owns them.

Some of us spend hours in worlds were we practice our animal/creature serial killer 3d chat room social skills with millions of other players online.

Some of us make worlds that press psychological buttons in players heads to have them collecting with a thirst that can't be quenched, feeling guilty, running out of time, need to do stuff faster, feeling greedy, feeling neglectful, while getting the players to pay for each of those things with a focus on profit.

Some of us make games focused on competing in a variety of arenas with a little strategy and a lot of bragging.

Some of us make fun, replayable games that teach players a little something while they enjoy themselves.

Some of us make serious types of games for education, treatment, and training purposes to help those who want or need it.

Those are some reasons to make games. I am curious what inspires you to make those types of games that interest you. What motivates you?

I enjoy making games in my spare time, and teaching/advising others on development or education. It drives me to see what can be done. I love seeing what others make and their perspectives of a fun game. I enjoy helping players day to day professionally.

All of us are world makers or world breakers for those that play in our creations.

What kind of worlds do you want to make for others to play in?  

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