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July 9, 2009

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Well for most it is a method of playing the game and working out how to make money by developing skills that can earn good amounts of Runescape money in comparison to the time invested. For others they have developed a keen sense of the Runescape markets and managed to provide a service of buying and selling major raw and processed materials that are in high demand and supply. This means of making Runescape gold is referred to as merchanting and loads of information about how to go about earning gold in this way can be found in free Runescape gold guides that are on many Runescape fan sites and forums. Even with the availability of free Runescape gold guides there are also many Runescape gold guides for sale on the internet, though from my experience none are really worth the money if you have been playing for a couple of months and have reviewed a few of the free guides to making Runescape gold on Runescape fan sites and forums. 

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