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Welcome to BoxFighter

BoxFighter is unique in that the game is designed to be played almost completely without art assets, applying mathematical formulae to game-state-relevant information to display procedureally-generated visuals, creating unique art in real-time.

Caedmon Sullivan, Blogger

May 5, 2016

2 Min Read

In this inaugural post, we will discuss the BoxFighter Aesthetic, how it reached the its current state, and some of the factors and decisions that have influenced us in our quest to create the most awesome fighting game ever.

BoxFighter is a game full of potential. Since its inception, people have been asking us: What are you going to do about art? Do you have any character designs? Have you thought about making all the characters be Victorian Ghosts? Monstrous versions of Grimm’s Fairytale characters? Elemental Spirits?

Every idea people approached us with had incredible merit. People are very accustomed to games being wrapped in a layers of painstakingly-crafted digital and hand-drawn art. The belief that traditional art is an integral part of a game is pervasive. Even the most bootstrapped independent games are complete with animated sprites and carefully crafted stages. However, as we kept fielding ideas for artistic direction, we kept discovering that none of them fit with our mission to make the game as accessible as possible.

As we continue this series, you will see that BoxFighter is no ordinary game, and that our choice to follow to an abstract aesthetic is not only deliberate, but an integral part of the design. By stripping away the layers of traditional art, BoxFighter gives players direct access to the game’s design and functions. Replacing customary animations with artistic renderings of game information, BoxFighter gives new players the ability to intuitively read the game and respond with clever highly personal approaches.

In future posts, we will explore some of the motivations behind our decision to develop BoxFighter as we have, share our history with the project, and explore with greater depth what makes BoxFighter so unique. We hope that in reading this series, you will come to share the love we have of this incredible genre, and grow to be as excited as we are about this unique title.


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