Week One, Day One

First post in a series on how I am tracking a rooky indie game creator journey

So you want to be a game designer? A classic question I decided to tackle today, after many years finally.

Why should I write this blog post, since I have little experience designing and developing games?

For one part, I have self-taught myself regarding game design, so I guess that share my experiences as a learned could bring some light to others who are also starting this path.

On the other hand, I am a proud dad of a bright, mischievous two-year-old girl, and I am turning forty in about two months from now. I wish that I could show her that it is never too late t try new things.

OK, let's set some ground rules of what I am trying to do:

  1. I intend to post once per week about the progress of the game(s) I am working on, and what I have learned that week.
    1. Currently, I am working on some tabletop games prototypes and a videogame for web browsers.
  2. For this purpose, I made new social accounts to keep my personal life, and this original "professional" path separated.
    1. I hope to build a network with as many game creators around the world.
    2. Probably I would post on how to balance these two aspects.
  3. I will share my thought regarding game design and development books and sites from which I have learned over the years.

Regarding what have I learned this week: Family support is invaluable. My wife motivated me to start pursuing this interest; finally. Her advice has helped me in the last couple of months, in which I have had a severe case of impostor syndrome.


I know it is not much for the first week, but it is just the first step.

To everyone who read this post, godspeed.

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