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Vatra: The Vengeful Imp Pt. 2

The second part of Vatra's abilities.

Benjamin Thompson, Blogger

April 10, 2013

3 Min Read

Seeing as Vatra is a mage support hero, I have put a lot of extra thought in giving his 'E' and 'R', A.K.A Ultimate, more utility for laning with a hard carry. His first 2 abilities, per an earlier blog post, are Sticky Lava and Fire Storm.

Sticky Lava - Applies a slow and damage over time in a cone AoE.

Damage Type: Magical Range: 400; Cone AoE

Level 1:  20% slow 30 damage/sec Cooldown: 15 seconds
Level 2:  30% slow 60 damage/sec  Cooldown: 12 seconds
Level 3:  40% slow 90 damage/sec  Cooldown: 8 seconds
Level 4:  50% slow 120 damage/sec  Cooldown: 5 seconds

Fire Storm - Damages heroes around him for 3 seconds based on the amount of heroes around him.

Damage Type: Composite Range: 150

Level 1: 10 damage/sec/enemy Cooldown: 20 seconds
Level 2: 15 damage/sec/enemy Cooldown: 16 seconds
Level 3: 25 damage/sec/enemy Cooldown: 12 seconds
Level 4: 30 damage/sec/enemy Cooldown: 10 seconds

Since Sticky Lava is Vatra's slowing ability, I've decided that anything else with a slow would be too focused on one type of utility. Fire storm is similar to Necromancer's Death Pulse but in a much smaller, focused AoE. His 3rd ability is Life Grab.

Life Grab is a shackle ability similar to Shadow Shamans' Shackle ability. Vatra will slam his hands down into ground and, after a 0.5 second delay, will grab onto the targeted hero. Once grabbed, Vatra will claw the life out of them, gaining percentage health based on the targeted heroes maximum health for 5 seconds or until Vatra is attacked. Once attacked, the channel will stop. Level scaling will go as follows.

Damage Type: Magical Range: 250 AoE 

Level 1: 3% Maximum Health Cooldown: 20 seconds
Level 2: 8% Maximum Health Cooldown: 16 seconds
Level 3: 15% Maximum Health Cooldown: 13 seconds
Level 4: 20% Maximum Health Cooldown: 10 seconds

On to Vatra's ultimate. Since his story is so heavily rooted in deception and revenge, I thought that making his ultimate something along those lines a necessity. Vatra's ultimate will be The Gates of Vengence.

Gates of Vengence is Vatra's Ultimate. Being similar to Tidehunter's Ravage, Vatra summons a void gate on the ground, causing flames and lava to burst forth and cover the ground in a massive AoE Sticky Lava ability. This slows and damages for the duration of the ability. Essentially a very large, AoE Sticky Lava. The ability lasts for 3 seconds and can be targeted up to 500 units away but has a 450 unit AoE (Possible range of 725 units). Scaling will go as so:

Damage Type: Magical Range: Cast: 500 AoE: 450 

Level 1: 150 Damage/sec Cooldown: 120 seconds
Level 2: 225 Damage/sec Cooldown: 110 seconds
Level 3: 300 Damage/sec  Cooldown: 100 seconds

And those are Vatra's abilities. As any hero, he will go many iterations of his abilities to find the best balance. Next post will be about strategies, item, and skill builds.

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