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Sick Interactive is an upcoming independent mobile game company that develops, designs, and publishes mobile entertainment software. Our mission is to start developing games and donate percentages of company revenue directly to children with illnesses.
"Sick Interactive is an upcoming independent mobile game company that develops, designs, and publishes mobile entertainment software. Founder: Casey Sick"

1. What's going on?

I've decided to create this company to possibly make an impact on companies around the world. The goal here is to not just build a startup company. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for writing code all day, implementing new game design mechanics, marketing on social media, and publishing mobile games. Yes, this is thrilling, difficult, and a feat in itself, but I couldn't settle with just this.  There had to be something else, something so motivating and worth making a difference in the industry that I will never want to look back at with regret.

2. Who cares?

It was my mission to find something I really cared about in relation to Sick Interactive and somehow help that cause. After pondering crazy stupid and thoughtless ideas, there was one particular one that eventually stuck. I've personally lost my father to cancer when I was at a very young age. It was by far the most emotional and impacting life experience, ever. It's a sad thing in this world, but it's reality. So, I'm not trying to make this a sob story, so stick with me on this.

3. And?

Yes, it is my mission for Sick Interactive to push out entertaining and interactive SICK mobile games, which will happen with the first release in August this year. It is also going to be Sick Interactive's mission to help others in need that don't have the means to do so.

  • Every day, an estimated 43 children are diagnosed with cancer.
  • An estimated 12% of children diagnosed with cancer do not survive.

4. Well?

So, I've finally decided to donate a percentage of company revenue directly towards children with cancer and illnesses.  The goal here is to lower those above numbers. I'm hoping that this will influence other startup companies, and non-startup companies in general to have some other greater cause and impact. This post is not just about a startup mobile gaming company, it is designed to make an impact. If Sick Interactive rage fails like a roller coaster off it's tracks? At least I'll die happy, knowing that I tried to make a difference helping sick children.

Make sure to check out Sick Interactive's first release, Cave Dash on the App Store to get this impact started. If you are already making a difference or desire to make a difference please let me know on twitter or directly on my website contact page. The goal here is to spread the word and start influencing other startups or gaming companies in general with this positive impact.

  YouTube Channel (Gameplay Sneak peek)  

First Release on the App Store (iPhone)

  Company Website  

  Social Media  

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