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How i found UE3 and Design Analysis

Melvin Rodriguez, Blogger

November 28, 2009

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Last night while I was doing the Design Analysis Packet for Fullsail On Gears of War, I went online to look for relevant information on Epic Games, and i stumble upon the UDK (unreal development kit) the same game ingine that was used to create games like GOW, GOW2, arkham asylum. etc. and i was stoked to say the least, to have such creative power on your hands for free is pretty cool. Anyone can downlad it at www.udk.com . Im really looking forward to have a chance to do some mod, or maybe some original game. there are some getting started pages and all that stuff so hoever is interested and has time this is a great tool. I think they even have sample code for a game called Whizzle, which is the first game built intirely using UDK, it looks great. makes u think what can be done with time and interest.

Apart from this, I already finished my first draft of the Analysis Packet for Design Fundamentals @ FullSail, I did it on Gears of War, not AC2 like i thought i would. It came out pretty good, i think. Im going to give it to the lab specialists to get feedback, its not due in like two weeks, but that will give me time to work on side projects like the Unreal Dev Kit and some school groups that i will be attending, like a networking group and a group that is actually deving a game to put on LIVE. Hope this was helpfull, very productive two days for me. Come back and spread the word.

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