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Unity plugins we used while developing Punch Club

I'm naming the most useful Unity plugins that we used during the develop of Punch Club (for PC/mobile).

Hi there!

You may be familiar with our game launched a week ago, Punch Club.

In this article I want to share with you Unity plugins we've found useful for our game.

1. Edit Console Pro

I think that is the must-have plugin #1. It replaces the standard Unity console and gives you some very important features like searching (filter), more compact and readable view, line coloring and my favourite - stack trace with pieces of code (look at the bottom of the screenshot). You can also click on every line in your stacktrace and you'll have that file opened in your editor.

Can't name a single reason one doesn't want to use that plugin in his project.


Yeah, now we have a uGUI. But when we started our project 2 years ago, the NGUI was the only choice.

3. Texture overview

Nice and simple tool to organize your sprites/textures. You can sort them by atlas, size, etc. Pretty useful if you need to find some texture in your game or something like that.

4. uScript

That's the heart of our in-game scripting/cut-scenes/quests.

uScript is a fantastinc tool for visual coding. In "Punch Club" it was much more simple to make all dialogs, branches of a storyline and quests using such blocks. uScript is easy expandable, so all blocks you see on the screenshot - are our custom blocks like "Say", "Go to position", "Give item", etc.

For example, here's how a dialog-based selection looks in the game:

And here's corresponding part of a script:

5. Build Report Tool

Not used that much, but it can be pretty useful to find some useless 16Mb texture in your game :)

6. LINQ for iOS

You may know that most of LINQ expressions crash on iOS. This plugin helps to solve it. Just import this plugin, put it in the "usage" in your code, and that's all! No modifications needed.


That's pretty much it. I hope this small list could be useful.

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