UI Design Contest Winner

This week, I selected the winner in the Conquest! mobile UI design contest. I also started working a budget for the crowd funding campaign and still found time to make some server modifications!

After approximately 3 weeks, a winner in the Conquest! Mobile UI Design contest was chosen: congratulations to Krees for his winning design.  The design fits with the theme of the game and brings a much needed graphical interface to the game.  Check out a sample:

I will be working with Krees over the next several days to design the "Subterfuge" and "Combat" screens, two of the most important in the game.  I'm very much looking forward to the designs Krees has for this crucial area of player experience.

In other exciting news Steffon, a former player ("Archelf") and C# developer has started working on a Unity based platform for the client.  He already has the client connecting to the game server and is able to send/receive data.  The next steps are to incorporate the designs from Krees with the Unity client to build a working prototype for the crowd funding campaign to bring it all together.  I've been working on a budget which should get us to the finish line.  Very exciting!!!

On the server side, I added rotation for player logs.  Before, they would just grow and grow, but I've now capped them to 128 entries.  I also modified tithing for Clerics and Rangers to 20% and 15%, versus a hard cap.  If there is no tithe, you will lose honor.  I added the "Summoned" and "Bandit" types to the configuration file vs. having them hard-hard coded.  Finally, Quest characters will also increase their surrender percentage by 5% for every defeat.

One of the more interesting changes this week was to "rock/paper/scissors" or troop counters.  In summary, Infantry < Cavalry < Flight.  Ranged attacks do more dammge to infantry and flying units, but less to cavalry.  This has the effect of making army compositions and formations much more important and should lead to some fun outcomes.

Until next time.  Hope to see you in the game!

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