Top Gear

Why do I need to play for 5 hrs to get the top gear.

Gear and Gems oh my!!WHAT?? How long??

    Ok, so I had this talk with many people I know and want to take a poll and see what other people are thinking or if they are thinking the same way. I play WoW like millions of other people. I love the game, I have had friends quite and come back quite and come back. I however have not done so..YET!!! I am sure there will be a time when I find myself unable to play enough to get anything out of it anymore. My wife is an example of this. She used to play often. But as time went on she got busier and just could not justify the money per month so cancelled her account. Once in awhile she plays a toon of hers on my account but that is a rare situation. Which now brings me to this point I am attempting to make.

   I like the awesome gear as much as anyone does. The raids are a blast, when I get to do them. That is one point there, when I get to. Being in school full time does take time away plus my two kids. If I could raid once a month it just would not be worth it. I want the gear like everyone does. But unless you truely are someone who has no life and raids on a rediculous constant basis it takes forever!! Plus, if you do manage to get a couple in and get some gear and you are gone for a month say and come back to play everyone has moved on. Not saying they should all wait but the usual response from a guild would be. We are done with that. Sorry, then you become undergeared and no one really likes to heal you because your gear sucks.

   So, the next thing is does it really need to be something that takes 4-5 hrs or more to do. Why in the WORLD of WARCRAFT does it need to take that long. Honestly, that is rediculous on time. Then if you do have to go because it has gone beyond the amount of time you have and have to leave most people are mad because of it. Unless you have no life and put a whole day aside for it. NOT!!!!!

   The people I talk with about this all agree. It should be that everyone should be able to get the gear in two different ways. Questing your ass off is one way or dailies untill you feel like there is no end. Or a faster way through raiding. We all love raids but the amount of time to complete one can be a pain. Plus it just cuts into family and even personal time if you are single. So what I would like to know is this. Do you feel it is fine the way it is? Or, should there be a two approach system to getting the gear like the example I explained previously?

Let me know what your thoughts are and thanks for the comments and be nice. LOL!!



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