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Top 6 Classic Movies I Need To Play As Games

There is love for classic movies in the hearts of current game developers. So, developer community, how about a few movies that need to be turned into an AAA title? My top 6 movies that I need to play.

There is a kind of movie game that is not done as a tagged on marketing vehicle to a current movie release, not mend to be a cheap and quick way to squeeze some extra money out of a movie license, hoping that the momentary popularity of the film will generate enough sold games to make profit.

No, this special kind of movie game is produced and published way after the original theatrical release of the licensed film. Sometimes produced more than 25 years after the movie, those games are made as a tribute to unforgettable movie experiences or films that scream to be made into a game.

And it happens not that rarely. Blade Runner, Reservoir Dogs, Warriors, Rocky Legends, Tron 2.0, The Godfather, The Thing, Ghostbusters, and popular movie-game licenses like Godzilla, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Alien vs Predator or Evil Dead show that there is love for classic movies in the hearts of current game developers.

So, developer community, how about a few movies that need to be turned into an AAA title?
My top 6 movies that I need to play:

6. Escape From New York
John Carpenter's bad ass vision of a city enclosed in fortified walls, ruled by violent gang lords and one man send in to save the president of the united states, was a heavy inspiration to Kojima for his Solid Snake character. Using stealth, brute force and advanced weapons you go into that hellhole and get that president out. And when you piled up the bodies of the hundreds of gang members standing in your way and got the job done, you take revenge on the corrupt military organization, that planted a tiny bomb in your throat to force you to do their dirty deeds.
All while being more manly and awesome than Duke Nukem ever was and wearing an eyepatch... ... is there more to ask for?

For fans of Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 4, Duke Nukem 3d, Cronicles of Riddick.

5. Akira
Yeah, there was Psychoball, but that doesn't really count, does it?

How about high speed cyberpunk motorcycle racing combat, fighting the nasty clown gang, fend off the police and trading blows with the tech heavy military? Yeah! Also 3rd person missions on foot using a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons and exploring multiple locations in the torn down and terror struck open world Neo Tokyo? Hell yeah! And as a final treat multiple encounters with your former friend Tetsuo, who grew stronger, bigger and more violent everytime you face him? Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

For fans of GTA, Mario Kart, Twisted Metal and No More Heroes.

4. Road Warrior
Honestly, being an ex cop, with a bad attitude in the post apocalyptic united states, duking it out with crazy sado-maso-badits and swashbuckling in the Thunderdome. What more could you ask from an open world game?

For fans of GTA, Borderlands, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption.

3. Surviving The Game
This is like Metal Gear Homeless Person. You are Jack Mason (that so sounds like a video game hero), a homeless guy, hunted in the woods of the Rocky Mountains, by a pack of trigger happy rich guys. They want your head on their shelf, literally. So you learn to survive, use stealth to hide from your well armed predators. As you learn to trick them, you yourself go on the offensive and start picking them apart, one at a time.

As you play, you learn to gather food, hide in the woods and build traps, while you avoid confronting wolves and bears. Every member of the hunting party you take down can be searched for weapons to upgrade your arsenal. Later hunters offer challenging boss battles.

You take them down until there is only one left, who even manages to escape in his private jet. He thinks he can hide in the city, behind his bodyguards and concrete walls. But the streets are your territory, you lived here for years and made it your hunting ground. Now you are the predator, snatching one bodyguard after another until you finally confront the final boss.

Epic stealth and survival gameplay, featuring the woods of the Rocky Mountains and the streets of New York. That would be something.

For fans of Metal Gear Solid 3, Resident Evil 4 and Manhunter.

2. Dark City
What a wonderful set up for a dark gritty and mind-bending 3rd person action adventure.
The main hero waking up, suffering from amnesia in a city where it is always night. As John Murdoch you discover the ability to shape the city as you please, move buildings around, create streets, bridges and walls out of nothing, while being hunted by the "Strangers", weird creatures who have the same building-shifting abilities like you have.

While searching for a way to regain yourself and leave the city, you fight the strangers with weapons and telekinesis, collect syringes containing liquified memories of other citizens, hide in walls and solve tough puzzles where you have to move whole buildings in a certain fashion to advance to the next area.

A contained environment, a hero with no memory, a mystery to uncover and an evil organization to take down... perfect AAA material, folks.

For fans of Bioshock, Silent Hill, Alan Wake and Sim City.

1.Monty Python and the Holy Grail
This would be the perfect 3rd person Hack'n slash. Imagine riding thru the open world lands of england, on foot, with your squire clacking the coconuts all the way, facing off against the Knights Who Say Ni, the Black Knight , the French, giant knights with three heads, the legendary black beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh, wizards, witches, nuns and  blood thirsty killer rabbits. All while being blessed with bloody gory dry british humor.

As king Arthur, you would complete missions to recruit the other knights of the round table.
Like in the movie the knights could complete individual missions on the quest for the holy grail. Each knight having individual abilities and combat techniques. As Sir Lancelot you would play in very combat heavy sequences wielding a big big sword, Sir Galahad would infiltrate the French stronghold using stealth and as Sir Robin you would well... uhm,... stay behind I guess.

For fans of everything awesome.

Runners up:
Running Man - for fans of Mortal Kombat
The Crow - for fans of Batman: Arkham Asylum and The Darkness
American Psycho - for fans of Kane & Lynch and Heavy Rain
They Live - for fans of Duke Nukem
Big Trouble in Little China - for fans of Mortal Kombat and Final Fight Streetwise
The Seven Samurai - for fans of Onimusha and Dynasty Warriors
Flash Gordon - for fans of Brütal Legend and Star Wars: Force Unleashed
The Blood Of Heroes - for fans of Blood Bowl and Speed Ball

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