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TOOLS TO ASSIST YOUR PRODUCTION (quality of ILM, Lucasfilm, DreamWorks Outreach Program, 2K, and EA SPORTS)

brent zorich, Blogger

December 1, 2012

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To my fellow alums,


I am pleased to announce that all five products from BRENT ZORICH PRODUCTIONS, LLC are now up for sale by our vendor Creative Crash. We at BZP hope this can be a lucrative venture for us and can assist you in your productions. The tools for sale are based off of my personal experiences with Gensler (the design firm ranked number one in the world), NBBJ (the design firm ranked number two in the world), The DreamWorks SKG Outreach Program, Take 2 Interactive (one of the highest ranked video game publishers), EA Sports, and Lucasfilm (Lucasfilm Animation, LucasArts, and Industrial Light and Magic)- Lucas of course being one of if not top companies in show business; I was on the steering committee for best practices, went through exec training, and personally showed my research and development to Mr. George Lucas. We have priced these products to best serve our customers. These tools consolidate 80 hours of work into 20 seconds. 


The following list is a link to the products for sale:




1. BZP, PRO Biped Autorig 0.0.2 (maya script)                        ($40.00)





2. BZP, PRO Cartoony Biped Autorig 0.0.2 (maya script)     ($50.00)





3. BZP, PRO Quad Autorig 0.0.3 (maya script)                         ($40.00)





4. BZP, PRO Cartoony Quad Autorig 0.0.1 (maya script)      ($50.00)





5. BZP PRO City Builder 1.0.0 (maya script)                             ($50.00)






We wish you all happy animating and hope this helps with your productions. I look forward to working with those that are in my industry on Computer Graphics Related Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Games in the future. I have wanted to form a company like this since 1999 when I first saw the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I am proud to own a start up company like Microsoft. I’d like to thank my financial advisor who is alumni of YALE with a MBA from Harvard as well as my producer who is both alumni of Spike and Discovery. I am always open to working with alumni of Mr. Lucas and I would love to work with all of you in some way in the future.


Best as Always,






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