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Today's Concept (Map/Level Editor Game/s) Pt.1

This is another older concept. But a pretty cool one dealing with map/level editor games.

John Petersen, Blogger

June 29, 2009

8 Min Read

I know alot of people need things to be original. Today I'll be slapping things together, so if it's not original enough for ya, I'm sorry (kind of)  But I  gotta say it (sort of), so here it is.

I will be using other games as a reference: But all it really is, is a really comprehensive map/level editor.

The game is a game that makes games.

Map editor- Similar to Farcry

Programmable AI- Similar to TimeSplitters:Future Perfect

There will be Fishing, Hunting, Racing, Poker, Mining, Farming/gardening and Flying in vehicles and of course an economy.


The core idea is to create a game where players can create a map (A very large map) and then let it loose on the world with scoreboards and possibly live online play. (I'd like to have it so players can create as many maps as their harddrive can stomach)

 I know it can be done, it's already been done in the games mentioned above, and many more. Why someone doesn't do a full fledged game based on that, I have no clue (I'm not talking about games where you pay to develop a peice of the game... Nope, I'm talking about a game where you buy the game and it's all there except the future updates. Let's quit sucking the gamers dry and if it's good enough, it'll sell (There will be other ways to make money from it other than forcing it on them)...I would, but I'm just the visionary with no coding knowledge and no money. But I know what I want in games. 

A player starts with a blank map in the map editor or a premade map (maybe add a random map generator with saveable/editable maps), the map editor has all the terrain tools/brushes/commands and objects needed to make the map playable/sharable/profitable (the economy). You can also jump in and out of the map in real time just like FarCry does (Just imagine being in the FarCry Editor with some new things added to it like new genre specific objects, programmable AI and interactive NPC's,  and a much larger perceived area that can be edited). (there will be a few playable premade maps to show what some of the possibilities are (which are pretty much endless due to tool and object updates)

What do I want to play today?: Today I want to go fishing... So I pull out a map I want to add fishing to, or start a New Map.

I add and tweak the fishing hole/s environment... I add the equipment, I add the fish, I add the vehicles, I add the storage (A palm roofed hut with porch), I add an NPC with a storefront that buys and sells stuff, and I add a boat race and conditions for winning.

That's it... Almost

Fishing will be like Pro Fishing Challenge but looks better... same feel though.

Programming the fish is a cinch- I choose my fish, or choose a random selection of fish for a variety other than my own.

I can program the fish to spawn at a certain rate.

 I can start with fingerlings, and have them grow over time. I can add a feeder to make them grow bigger and faster

I can have special tagged fish for various reasons, but tagging is mostly used for giving away special suprises like alot of cash if you catch that tagged fish. There can be multiple tagged fishes.

Or I can just tell it to go random and let the game decide what the fish are gonna do.

I'd also like a fish creator- A little program that creates fish. Maybe a crafting thing.

Now that the fish know what to do and they're in the water doing their thing, I set up the buy/sell NPC.

Program the NPC- I either get to choose some prebuilt NPC models, or I get to customize the NPC's looks and demeanor.

So I choose a hot looking female and put her in a pair of overalls that reveals some cleavage, and a straw cowboy hat.

*Edit- I program the the prices of the items she will buy and sell and choose the storefront she'll be in, and wallah. Somewhere where I can buy my gear and sell my wares. *(it'd probably be smart to have a predetermined cap on self pricing"

All I do ingame is approach her or her stall and click on her to be presented with my options (Obviously more options such as freindly conversation and such can and should be added, but it isn't really needed. But the more personality, the better.)

I place the stall and the buy/sell NPC where i want and that's done. I can move it around anytime by editing it.

Next I setup my storage- Pretty simple really... I can use a prebuilt building or I can construct one from scratch using parts, such as wall and floors, roof's, and usable furniture. ( I choose a palm roofed hut with porch). I can also use other forms of storage in my main storage such as containers, desks, cabinets, etc)

That's where I put things I want to save. I can walk around in it, sit in a chair inside and watch the sun set from a bambooed window or I can sit on the porch and watch the sun rise. Whatever you wanna do.

Now to setup the "Boat race"- I choose the vehicles I want on the map and place them, then I go to the race track options and use a start line object, I place bouys around the track to give a direction, and a finish line.

Add the NPC drivers 

Then program who gets what for finishing 1st, second, third etc, and/or what someone gets if they have the best track time.

 Scoring- Any top 10-100 scores are stored on the players account

Money- Any money made on this map go into the players account, where it can be used for any thing in the game including items needed on other players maps.

My fishing hole NPC might only sell the hooks, poles, and maps of the lake, but may not sell the bait. In which case you might want to check other players fishing hole maps to aquire them in order to fish on my map.

When you find or possibly make bait, throw it into your storage on your map and when your ready to use it, pull it out of storage and go fishin', same goes with everything.


That's about it...

If I want to build a map that has all of that stuff... Fishing, hunting, racing, flying, and poker, I just add all that to the map. Program what i want each thing and NPC to do, and go at it.

I notice Fishsteelhead caught a bigger fish than Unsung on my map, so I'm gonna go try to catch a bigger one than them.

I jump in my truck, drive to the dock, get in my boat and off to fishing I go. "Remember Fishing is very similar to how fishing is in Pro Fishing Challenge, it just looks better now.

When I'm done, I dock my boat, visit the buy/sell NPC, do my thing, and hit the storage. Or maybe drive to my airstrip and fly to my mining operation.  or what ever... Maybe go tend my crops. Corn is good feed.

Now, your storage can be where you watch the sunset, or there might be a particular thing that interests you there, but you can have multiple storages spread out across the map. Each one different so it blends in or is totally out of place with what you want to do in that area.

For instance, I would put a log cabin near my hunting area, and I'd put a trailer or cave near my mining area, and a large warehouse where my Airplanes are etc.

Edit: To 1UP all that, make it so players can sell their creations to other players of this game... Heheheh

Here's a few possiple ways:


)Ingame account credits (This can be gold obtained in the game, it can also be gold obtained from gamecards)

)G-Potato or other similar gamecards

I think going the gamecards route would be more welcomed.


Players would have to provide a playable demo for everymap and edited map. When a potentiol buyer considers a map to buy, they' can play the demo and decide from there what they wanna do.

All the ratings/exp/ingame scores and /cash,credit,gold are part of the users main account and it doesn't matter what map your playing, all the cash/gold and scores are there with you. 

That's it.  "Publish"


I'll add other scenario's in other blogs.









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