The story behind Dragon Box

How to create a successful game without knowing anything about video games!

The facts:
Saturday 12th of may 2012, we launch in Norway a game called Dragon Box to learn basic algebra in one hour. 
Saturday 12th of may 2012, Dragon Box is ranked top grossing app in all categories in Norway
We will launch soon in France, Sweden and US

No idea whether Dragon Box will be a success in the rest of the world, but one thing is sure, lots of people love the game. And the best part of it, it works.

What´s the story?

One year ago, I was a high school teacher in Gran Canaria. Between surfing and teaching, I spent time figuring out how to improve mathematics teaching and learning.

Not only my own practice, I was thinking of something more scalable.

And after some time, I couldn´t see any other way to learn faster than to use videogames.

To tell the whole truth, I am not a gamer at all. I have kids but they are not allowed to game. And we have no TV.

But to learn faster, it is really difficult to say that games cant help. Videogames are the future of learning for sure.

Keith Devlin wrote a book about it, and even if I hadnt read his book when i conceived the game, most part of the reasons why I developed a game are in his book.

So I had an idea, I wanted to make a game to learn math.

I didnt know which game,  or with whom I could make this game.

So I started googling people who wanted to create games to teach and learn maths.

That was a good start. Having a plan is always good.


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