The return to creativity? fall gaming '09

A preview of the few upcoming titles being released this fall and whether or not these titles will foster the beginning of a new rennaissance in gaming or will they be a mere fall '09 trend. More to come..

After playing the demos of the upcoming Forza Motorsport 3 and Brutal Legend, I came away with a different feeling or thought. It was a thought that has been ebbing in me since the time I first played Batman Arkham Asylum (had to look up the correct spelling there). I realized what this thought finally was after playing the demos last night.

However before I get into explaining what the thought is or idea rather let me rant a little about what possibly led me to even have this idea. I consider myself a gamer not because I play games for hours on end, but because when I actually do play games, I enjoy every minute of it and I'm engrossed in it.

I cannot play a game for the sake of playing. I have to play for the sake of being entertained. There is a difference; I'll show you. When you play, yes you are being entertained but you are working as well. When you work, fustrations always arise.

Not to say these fustrations are bad, as the fustration one gets is due to lack of success. (eg. playing football and getting sacked, or building 10 tanks only to find out your enemy sent 12 apaches to take them out in command & conquer.) I'm running out of time, but this fustration does not exist when you are being entertained. To be continued..

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