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The dark side of monetization and Wargaming

In this lengthy interview with Ramin Shokrizade, we spoke about his time at Wargaming.net and the mounting controversies facing the studio today over its monetization practices.

Josh Bycer, Blogger

September 10, 2021

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For this chat, I spoke with Ramin Shokrizade, game economist and former employee of Wargaming.net, about the history of Wargaming.net and how the company he worked for and had so much respect for, went to the dark side of monetization and free-to-play design. He also spoke about how the company treated him from when he began to when he was fired, and how this has also impacted Chris Taylor of Total Annihilation fame.

We also spoke about how the dam is starting to break for other companies in terms of company culture and their reliance on dark side monetization strategies, such as Blizzard.

These are the design articles Ramin talked about:

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