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That odd world.

Remember Oddworld : Abe's Oddysee? Speak about originality!

Daniel Siconnelli, Blogger

April 11, 2010

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I still remember the days when I met Abe for the first time. Me and my cousin (RIP) became addited fans of the Oddworld Inhabitants first opus on the PSOne. Every time we had the chance, we could play and find more Mudukons to save during countless hours. There was a lot to dig in there. The characters, vegetation and all living creatures as well as the art and the strange mythology. Speak about originality?

I learned last year that I had missed the second one on the PSOne which was, Abe's Exodus. The last time I was in contact with the Oddworld was with Munch's Oddyssey on the Xbox. We just played for an evening (let you guess with who) but all the magic and weirdness was still there. I never had the chance to try Stranger's Wrath... when I learned it was some kind of FPS, I felt betrayed somehow...and am still longing to try Abe's Exodus (now available on PSN).

Since I'm still wanting both an XBox 360 (just Gears of War is a strong argument for me) and a PS3 (just cannot let God of War 3 pass beneath my sight forever), I guess I may have the chance to play all those games since Strangers and Munch's Oddysey were playable on the 360 as XBox compatible games.

The point I'm talking about those forgotten by many and worshipped by few games is because of the originality involved. I'm still longing for the story to end and am still hoping for it. When they released the first game, it was intended to be a Quintology and as I remember, Abe's Exodus was not part of the Quintology but a game to fulfill contract terms.

Grab a copy for the PSOne Abe's Oddysey and Abe's Exodus or download them on PSN. Or grab Stranger's Wrath and Munch's Oddysey for the Xbox...  Or both, if you own both consoles.

You'll discover the world but also the Gameplay which was one strong part of the game. The way to interact with other Mudukons, possessions and the platforming could still teach other studios about what is both original and fun.

If you are like me. Moved by games which are above the ocean of clones and remakes, you're in for a strange journey into this world. This world which I still long to go back to...

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