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A while back I created a quick map in Unreal Tournament that went unfinished called Temple of Athena. I will be doing a full release with all assets of the level being modeled and textured by myself.

Regis Jerry, Blogger

October 5, 2017

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Temple of Athena

The original Map was very basic and had some flaws that could be addressed and expanded on to create a more aesthetically pleasing map. 

One of the things that I wanted to do but was unable to accomplish at the time was, manage to create a Greek Architecture styled map that focused on it being a Temple of Athena. 

Now that I have been able to expand on my skills at using 3DS Max and Substance Painter I will be working over the next few months in my spare time to create a fully functional level in Unreal Tournament that is both pleasing to the eye and fun to play. 

Some but not all of the currently completed assets are a 2-Wheel Wagon, an Arena, Theater, and a house. Once I get started on actually building the map I will be posting videos to my YouTube channel. But production for this level will be postponed until all assets I want are complete and my skills are at a place I feel the level will be of adequate quality to create a working environment, and landscape.

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