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Subtitles are not only usefull for english hearing impaired players. Non native english speaking players can benefit from adapted subtitling.

Tom Allins, Blogger

July 16, 2009

1 Min Read

[This is a repost from Gameranting]

 Why is that all game developers think players are English/American? If games contain subtitles its always aimed at the (English) hearing impaired.  Sure most manuals are now translated in the local language but why can't games offer multi-lingual subtitles?

Offering multilingual subtitles would offer a twofold advantages for both player and game developer:
1. players unfamiliar with English can now also buy and understand the game.
2. the story elements of the game will be better understood by the non-english player.

If Hollywood studios can do it, why can't game developers?



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