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Specific Games

Specific games and art are interesting, but most of all specific games are fun.

John Mawhorter, Blogger

August 1, 2009

2 Min Read

Inspired by this old Something Awful article, I believe we need more specific art. Not more obscure, but more specific. So much stuff is produced every day that you’d think more of this would exist. I want art about standing in line at airport security, brushing my teeth while taking a piss, falling over and skinning my knee, and turning on light switches. There should be a whole album called “Burning My Tongue On Hot Coffee” and a whole gallery dedicated to Awkward Moments In Class. There have surely been successes in the game world, like JFK Reloaded or those millions of beat up President Bush or kill Osama Bin Laden flash games (how many target Bush and how many Osama?). Or perhaps Whack-A-Mole. Specific games must be more specific than flight simulators. There should be pushing people out windows (The specific word for this is defenestration. The more you know.) simulators. They could bring you the experience of base jumping into the Golden Gate Bridge (and trying not to get stuck), or accidentally hammering your thumb instead of the nail, or navigating the labyrinth as Theseus and killing the minotaur, or riding a dirtbike up/on the Great Wall of China. These are not 40 hour games, but neither are they 40 hour experiences. You play until you master the particular mechanics and then ride away into the sunset, content that you now can now cut virtual peoples hair into weird shapes and have them pay you for it (barbering is a life skill, trust me) with the best of them. Music and other art forms could just concentrate on evoking the feeling of tripping over your untied shoelaces or slamming a door in a salesmans face or whatever else hasn’t yet been immortalized on canvas or vinyl.

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