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Your time is valuable, do not waste it on games you don't want to make! Speak up!

Your time is valuable, do not waste it on games you don't want to make! Speak up!

A little about myself, I am a pixel artist and I have been making games for 5 years.

A couple years ago I was looking for a proggrammer, After posting around for awhile I finally found one! After talking for a couple weeks, we became really great friends! I thought, for the most part, we had similar taste in games. 

We made a couple game jam games and we really meshed well together! Both of us were highly self-motivated and we pumped a few games out onto Newgrounds in the coming weeks.

So after deciding, we worked well together we wanted to tackle a bigger project! After a lot of arguing on what genre of game we should make we ended up landing on Perillux. A futuristic cyber action beat-em-up! This wasn't a theme I was very happy about. But I was too shy to speak about my true feelings, I didn't want to upset my new friend. Perillux took a year to finish. And I didn't put my full effort into it because it was not a game that I wanted to make. But after 3-4 months into the project, I felt like the door was shut, We couldn't just stop making the game, We already invested too much time!

So what we ended up with was a half-baked really bad game! It was just a huge project that at the end both of us hated! By some miracle, it made it through the steam greenlight process. However, we never released it. 

At the core level, I have so many problems with this game. Yet, I did not say a single thing. It was a really tough lesson to learn when I saw the result was this monstrosity of a game (If you could call it that).

I could go on and on about how I was too much of a chicken to say anything or to confront my friend about how many things were wrong with this game. I just don't want you to make the same novice mistake I made. Don't make something your not passionate about and if you are... change it, fight it, or it'll come out terrible(at least in my experience). 


(Not trying to drive traffic to Solarbyte, I am no longer with them. Just for those who are curious about what the game looked like.)

The greenlight page:

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